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1 America and the deadly politics of COVID-19 (6)
When I started this series over a year ago I submitted that the convergence of politics, arrogance and ignorance would doom America’s efforts in combating the Covid-19 pandemic.
2 America as a Zoo
Since I arrived in this country many years ago, and observed the cavalier attitude Republicans have towards human lives I have been aghast at how Democrats have allowed those hypocrites to run away with their so-called “pro-life” label, just because they...
3 “This is America”
Yes, Megan is right. White supremacy terrorism has always been part of the American culture. Yes, this is the same America that lynched and hanged Black people on trees just for being black. This is the same America that enslaved Africans and unleashed on...
4 America and the deadly politics of the coronavirus (5)
Donald Trump and Republican politicians are not the only monsters spreading Covid-19 infections and death in the United States. Their partner-in-crime, the so-called evangelical Christians ... America’s “axis of evil”, are actively spreading Covid-19...
5 Good Morning America; Welcome, President Biden!
Republicans are going to use the coronavirus pandemic to blackmail President Biden just the same way they used their own economic recession to blackmail President Obama.
6 Yes, Republicans do not believe in democracy
So when Republican rising star, Senator Mike Lee of Utah, provocatively asserted that 'Democracy isn't the objective of the US system' he did not make any news to those of us who knew what the Republican party had been up to.
7 America and the deadly politics of the coronavirus (4)
Donald Trump's dirty political tricks of discrediting any fact which does not align with his political calculation is again in full display when it comes to his attack on voting by mail. Donald Trump's political calculation is that his supporters would...
8 America and the deadly politics of the coronavirus (3)
If you live in the United States today, you must be very, very angry at what Donald Trump and the Republican party are doing to the lives of the people. These heartless monsters are most unconscionably sacrificing human lives for purely selfish political...
9 Buhari, Kingibe and June 12
By his own admission, Ambassador Kingibe who was Bashorun Abiola’s running mate in that watershed 1993 election, abandoned the June 12 mandate, 'in the national interest' - a national interest he has failed to explain.
10 America and the deadly politics of the coronavirus (2)
Donald Trump and the GOP are poised to use the COVID-19 pandemic to rig the November general elections. They have already indicated that they are going to resist mail-in absentee ballot. They are going to insist on in-person voting....

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