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51 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Niger Delta: A disaster foretold
What has happened is an explosion of decades of bottled–up anger over criminal neglect and exploitation. Historians and scholars had since warned of dire consequences for the economic and security situation of the country. But the ruling cabal and their...
52 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The truth about Rivers cult wars
The Rivers State government must come clean in its orchestrated “desire” to fight cultism and cultists in the state. It is not enough to deploy soldiers to hunt down “cultists” in the creeks and simultaneously luring the same cultists with a whooping sum...
53 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - In pursuit of our stolen mandate
Poor Buhari! He has had the singular misfortune of dealing with traitorous, scrum- picking Southern politicians. It was Don Etiebet another political prostitute in 2003 and now Ume Ezeoke in 2007. They are strange bedfellows. While General Buhari may be...
54 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - America 2012: The economic blackmail
It is said that Americans punish their presidents whenever the economy is bad, by denying them re-election. It is this altruism that Republicans are banking on in their grand plot to defeat President Obama, come November. However, should President Obama be...
55 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Niger Delta: Memo to the international community
Sometimes they would tell us they are going to construct roads, and give us electricity. As if those who do not have oil on their lands do not have roads or electricity. Of course, those “luxuries” are even denied us. But these are only palliatives,...
56 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Niger Delta: Memo to the international community
Today, the Niger Delta peoples are being portrayed as gangsters, kidnappers, militants, outlaws and a violent brood. But if the truth must be told, it is that the vast majority of the Niger Delta peoples are peace-loving and law abiding citizens who are...
57 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Matthew Kukah and the next Ogoni holocust
Who told Matthew Kukah and his collaborating team that they can intimidate MOSOP with an inferior UN organ? How could they pretend not to know that the UN is MOSOP fortress? MOSOP should show Matthew Kukah and his team the way to the UN but not the other...
58 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - A speech that challenges a nation
What is important to folks like me and history is that Senator Obama has courageously trod where political angels dread to tread. He has gotten the guts to tell the brutal truth even as uncomfortable as it is for those who would fight hard to hide it only...
59 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Obasanjo’s Confab: The battle of our lives
What is more, other Niger Delta leaders at the confab, from respected technocrat and industry titan, Gamaliel Onosode, Chief A.K. Horsefall to Professor Kimse Okoko, have since indicated that the resource control battle is one issue on which there will be...
60 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Nigeria 2011: Why Jonathan may not get his wish
In his interview with then CNN’s Christine Amanpor, last year, President Goodluck Jonathan submitted that his most important goals were conduct of a credible (free and fair) election and provision of power (electricity). If you are someone living in the...

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