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41 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Western interest in the Niger Delta
What we need in the Niger Delta today is western interest mixed with western sympathy. There should be a symbiotic relationship between the west and the people of the Niger Delta.
42 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Gambari on the loss of 700 Nigerian soldiers in Sierra Leone
Having “courageously” revealed the government secret concerning the death of 700 Nigerian soldiers in a single day, on a peace-keeping mission, one would have expected Professor Ibrahim Gambari to call for investigation into such a scandalous episode,...
43 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The Niger Delta and Nigeria: Of commonwealth and uncommonnation
In the case of the Niger Delta its ability to produce oil wealth should naturally match the developmental need of the region if its oil wealth were not expropriated by the majority ethnic groups who again have the exclusive right to produce the country's...
44 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Rivers: The squandering of riches
With a glut of cash at the disposal of the people in the Port Harcourt “Brick House”- a jumbo monthly allocation from the Federation Account - huge internally generated revenue - two seaports, two giant refineries, a petrochemical complex, a fertilizer...
45 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Niger Delta: Restitution not amnesty
The “militants” see themselves as fighting to free their peoples from the very injustices that Yar’Adua and his ruling cabal is perpetuating today. It is revealing to note that the relocation of the Petroleum University from Efurun to Kaduna took place...
46 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Is this the round two of the Ogoni pacification?
So is the Nigerian government and Shell set for the round Two of the Ogoni bloodbath?. The world must act now to stop this from happening. It acted too little too late to save Ken Saro Wiwa and eight of his fellow Ogoni environmental right activists in...
47 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Botched Confab as a tonic for the Niger Delta struggle
Obasanjo has further unmasked his evil plot against the people of the South-South of the country by describing the botched confab as 'the most successful attempt at resolving Nigeria’s problem by its citizens'. Yes, the political reform nonsense was “most...
48 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - On the issue of interim government
My idea of an interim government is that which would be run by a council of distinguished Nigerians such as the Patriots and the Citizens Forum for a specified period of time, say one year. During this period house cleaning task of probing all past public...
49 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Requiem for Shell
It is incredibly naïve on the part of the Umaru Yar’Adua government to think that the Ogoni people could be placated by merely replacing Shell with another version of the same Shell in the area, the N.N.P.C [more in desperation of the Nigerian government...
50 Of democrats and white working class voters -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
To be fair, “white working class” voters have a problem with Democrats, but not the one you always hear about. Their problem is cultural, not economic. Did you listen to Paul Krugman in 2016? The Nobel Prize winning Economist had then noted that Trump...

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