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21 FG-NASU face-off; Time for truce
Communication, in the words of Grunig and Hunt (1984), is the biggest tool mankind has as a potential way of overcoming difficulties. But in most cases, we have it abandoned and embrace traveling the circumference of chaos before coming to access this...
22 The imperatives of leadership restructuring in Nigeria
Not minding what others may say, the problem that led to the current polarized posturing of the nation’s political space is more of manmade than natural, more of leadership gaps than socioeconomic challenges and compounded by a misguided view of...
23 Hate Speech Bill: Issues and concerns
Nigerians are worried that dissipating energy on such which many described as trivial in the mixed of the nation's legion of socioeconomic woes, portrays our parliamentarians as a group that is out of tune with the yearnings of the masses as our failures...
24 Unorthodox Governance; The APC way
Nigerians are also shell-shocked that such illegality of tagging some of her citizen’s looters without going through the conventional judicial process is coming from a government that promised....
25 Before Buhari is sent back to Daura in 2019
When I saw the nauseating and uglified APC posters of Musliu Obanikoro, the former PDP Minister of State for Defense under the ineffectual and corrupt administration of Goodluck Jonathan, I thought I was dreaming!
26 System and method is the bane of Nigeria's leadership challenge
To a discerning mind, this political computation explains why some 'public officers' upon the assumption of office, view their positions not as an opportunity for the public good but as an avenue for private gain; as the system has constitutionally...
27 Why skepticism, doubts have become new political tools
From the Senators jumbo pay saga to the abduction and subsequent release of Dapchi school girls. From the ‘technical defeat’ of the Boko Haram to the corruption fight. Not even the recent award to the President Muhammadu Buhari by the Martin Luther King...
28 APC Congresses: A Postmortem
Personal interest may have prepared the ground for this squabble but definitely was not the only factor that propelled this widespread acrimony across the states of the federation.
29 Democracy Day: X-raying the current dispensation
From all indications, it appears Albert the Great had Nigeria in mind when he defined a miracle as ‘a wondrous fact or event beyond the power of any creature and produced by the Almighty with the purpose of proving the truth of his existence’.
30 2019; Why the youths may not make impact
...electoral exercise, as practiced the world over, is both programme and strategy-based and a keen contest where the candidates with the best programme and realistic strategies for achieving that programme is given priority/favored by the electorates.

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