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1 News -- Lessons from the RUGA controversy
HEADLINE | Posted: Monday, July 8, 2019 Lessons from the RUGA controversy Jerome-Mario Utomi 'Creativity is 'thinking up new things', innovation is 'doing new things'. In any society, there is no shortage of creativity or creative people; what is in short...
2 News --
Opinion: Addressing Nigeria's youth unemployment challenge HEADLINE | Posted: Tuesday, March 12, 2019 Addressing Nigeria's youth unemployment challenge Jerome-Mario Utomi For a nation to move forward both politically and socio-economically, the...
3 Healing the nation
I will go on to say that while those of us who believe in the unity of Nigeria may not agree with Nnamdi Kanu's campaign or campaign of any group or ethnic nationality to dismember Nigeria....
4 INEC and the two million university students
What presently calls for concern is a recent revelation that a high percentage of the about two million university students across the country who registered to vote in their various institutions may not have the opportunity to exercise their rights during...
5 The conspiracy against The Rule Of Law
Why all should be worried about Mr. President’s flagrant relegation of the rule of law is not merely because of Justice Walter Onoghen, the Chief Justice of Nigeria or any other, but because of what the act portend for our democracy.
6 Social media; youths, and the future of our Republic
From the foregoing, it is important to underscore that the menace posed by the activities of our youths was created by the youth, accelerated by parents and government.
7 The culture of listening without being attentive
Nigerians, judging from their comments continue to vilify the present administration for the country's real and imagined woes in the political, socioeconomic, security and cultural spheres, as if it was the making of the President alone....
8 Town’s Union and human relations challenge
The proponents need to remember that getting the people to believe or committed to any association or union chiefly depends on the creditability and track-records of the leaders, their vision/content....
9 President Buhari, Trust and the National Assembly
The first opinion that is formed of a leader's intelligence, says Niccolo Machiavelli, is based on the quality of men he has around him. When they are competent and loyal he can always be considered wise....
10 2019 Election as hand shake across history
Acting on the strength of an invitation forwarded to me by the Nzuko Umunna/Aka-Ikenga and Core Federalists Group, the organizers of a Handshake Across Nigeria Summit, I took a trip on Monday 20th, November 2019 to the MUSON Centre, Onikan, Lagos venue of...

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