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1 Nigeria: Between the policeman, the kidnapper and the armed robber
The above three groups or segments of the Nigerian society have become the hottest topics amongst Nigerians in recent times. Their activities and exploits feature daily in the print and electronic media, as well as in the daily discussions of many...
2 The world and friends mourn the passage of my dear son, Oluwafemi Emmanuel Fayemiwo (1993-2019)
My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ didn't sugar-coat this Christian Journey and the Road to Eternal Life. I was never under any illusion that my Christian Life would be a cake walk. Once in a while, the True Lord God Almighty would allow Satan and his demons...
3 The 2019 general elections: Rivers State, truly Nigerian
The story presented in this piece is especially for diaspora Nigerians. It should help you through the shock and disappointments you feel each time you swagger into Nigeria through our airports (and some of them are no better than taxi ranks), to be...
4 Professor Pius Adesanmi vs Nigeria: The last satire
Nigeria: Ol' boy, na ya turn, and we go contribute cry for you. Me I neva die, but you don yamutu!
5 Muhammadu Buhari: The Return of the much-hated General
Women do not like Buhari. Men do not like Buhari. Children do not like Buhari. Humans - diaspora or not (including international observers), do not like the man; even Angels detest him!
6 Chief Justice Walter Onnoghen's Nigeria: A circus show that never ends
The shame of it all is that almost the entirety of Nigeria and Nigerians are in this business. Probably less than five per cent of Nigerians living in Nigeria have a mind-set that is corruption free!
7 Ibrahim Idris, Nigeria's Inspector General of Police: A man on a mission?
...there is a third gist about how ridiculously incompetent and unprofessional the office of the IGP has become under IGP Idris.
8 Buhari ft. Atiku (2019): The Nigerian paradox and tribulation
What I am saying is that Nigerians deserve a Buhari now. ... the reason he was preferred before is the same reason he should be preferred now.
9 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - This scarcity of soul mates sef
So let me get this straight - I should not work for love because whatever will be will be, and I should also go for what (who) I want when I see it (him), and while I am at that, I should not be judgmental about people, but yet I should know that not...
10 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - I agree with Professor Omo Omoruyi
Some reactions to Omoruyi have tended to give the impression that the Igbo are in competition with Edo. This is not the case. The Igbo know their competitors in the struggle for power in Nigeria. These are the Yoruba and the Hausa-Fulani. For the Igbo to...

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