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21 Festus Keyamo: With all the braggadocio; Can this man die for Buhari?
When I see certain personalities do strange and abnormal things in the name of hero worship, it only reinforces the fact that hard times are here.
22 The many response to former President Obasanjo's letter
Like some folks pointed out, Chief Obasanjo was one of those whose open support for Mr. President got us into this mess. Therefore, to them, the timing of his letter to President Buhari was not more than another giant step of self-interest. I agree with...
23 Woe unto Nigeria; her President is a servant of the Cabal!
When the signs first emerged that there was going to be a severe fuel scarcity, the same federal government ordered Dr. Kachikwu to make products available for consumers within 48 hours. Suddenly, the labor unions within the petroleum industry - who before...
24 Satanic Doctrines: Buhari's misgovernance is exposing the false prophets!
It should have been a case of the wicked misrule sending the wicked into hiding, hunger and starvation. But you see, Scriptures also said that all have sinned and fallen short of God's glory, meaning that it was right to say that 'the people go into...
25 The time to proscribe the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association is now!
Does it not show that, even in the APC, some animals were more equal than the others? I mean Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State has even openly accused Mr. President of looking the other way while the good people of the state - who voted him - died under...
26 APC'S True Federalism Report: A frantic effort to win the 2019 elections?
It will be recalled that one of the areas of emphasis in Mr. President's New Year speech to the nation this year bothered on restructuring, where he said that Nigeria's problems were more of process than structures and proceeded to dismiss the matter...
27 Can the cost of disunity be marginalization?
The marginalization - which was once hidden - has become an open affair now. Suddenly, Igbo marginalization has become a burning issue. However, the nature of this marginalization - unlike what is obtained elsewhere in Africa - has been discovered to be...
28 The lazy youth verdict: My take on this matter
When we do this we will have triggered the evolution of a cosmopolitan culture that will enable us to not only effectively keep out of the corridors of power men like President Buhari and his generation come 2019....
29 IBB's call: Can the younger generation really fix Nigeria?
The story of Nigeria's quagmire - in a single word or phrase - can be summarized as the result of a lack of an acceptable social order.
30 Sports betting, our beliefs & contemporary global economic realities
The art of betting has - since I was a kid - been regarded as the occupation of the vagabond.

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