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1 Abba Kyari: Now that the surrogate president is gone
The unbearable influence of Mallam Kyari on the president and the entire government was such that appointees of the government both at the federal and the state level feared him more than they feared the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria. His...
2 Nigeria’s Core North in the light of Contemporary Realities
Like folly set in the place of power, the core north defiantly stands on the country’s wheel of progress with a mindset that social or industrial change must wait for them, just as independence was as soon as possible for them!
3 No tax, no cleanliness and no character
To describe the lifestyle of the average Hausa-Fulani adult of working age (as well as a great number of Nigeria’s northern tribes that practiced Islam) and how they fitted within the framework of these contemporary socio-economic realities has become very...
4 CORONAYIRUS: Beyond invading a careless World Order
The adoption of Democracy as the preferred system of administration as far as global politics was concerned kick-started the decline into the careless world order.
5 Religion: This opium will surely destroy us!
For it is only at the point when opium had taken control of the human mind that confusion, falsehood, lies and the unwillingness to face reality existed. Who would believe that in Nigeria and despite the very obvious contention between the 2 major...
6 How can the government create jobs without understanding unemployment?
Would it not have made sense if more jobs were created instead of increasing the VAT? This is the reason I urge that government needed to first understand what unemployment was in order to know what job creation entailed.
7 Is Shege ka fasa a competition against Operation Amotekun?
It turns out that more than 70 years after – with no successful attempt to break-up – the hatred and the animosity for one another still existed even to the amazement of the powers that organized us in this manner.
8 Operation Amotekun & Pastor Bakare’s latest vibe about unemployment
But it should be noted that the sudden U-turn by FG to recognize Operation Amotekun under the template that it should synchronize with community policing; was ploy to get an excuse when the north floats its own version.
9 In defense of Supreme Court’s verdict for Imo State
For me, the judgment was – first and foremost – evidence that our democracy was beginning to bud. For this reason, let me quickly elaborate on the 2 factors that affected the judgmentin my opinion.
10 Season’s greetings to Rt. Hon. Chibuike Amaechi; the great advocate for the masses
Not too many Nigerians understood why Rt. Hon. Chibuike Amaechi was named honorable ministerfor transport again upon the reconstitution of the federal cabinet following the landslide victory of President Muhammadu Buhari....

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