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61 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - My side of the story
I share the recently expressed opinion by an Igbo that what Zik and Awo did or did not do cannot be undone and should henceforth not hold back the much needed unity of Southern Nigerians. How else would we answer the challenge that illiterates in the North...
62 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - New Year's message to Niger Deltans
It shall come to pass in that day,; That this burden will be taken away from your shoulder,; And his yoke from your neck,; And the yoke will be destroyed because of the anointing oil.
63 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Christianity, Homosexualism, and the Bible: A commentary on Mr. Nwachukwu's ''Homosexuality is not a bible affair'' (Part II of II)
In a real sense, those who are forcing the legitimacy of homosexuality down the throats of people, without adequate foundation, are suffering from some measure of myopia.
64 Miss World 2002
Home away from home, Nigeriaworld provides the largest index of Daily news updates, viewpoints, feature articles and essays on Nigeria, Africa and the world in general from a Nigerian perspective.
65 Publications (Sharia: Enlighten me or enlighten yourself)
So, the question is, why would God send another prophet after His only Son had come to shed light on God's plan for mankind?
66 Nigeriaworld Letters & Viewpoints (Sue before you run, Mr. President)
LETTERS & VIEWPOINTS Click Here Monday, April 22, 2002 N. H. Ibanga Nigerian Publius USA Sue before you run, Mr. President nly the president knows in his heart of hearts, the reasons why he did not take the Shariah issue to court when...
67 Nigeriaworld Letters & Viewpoints (Nigerians, seize the moment and get lucky)
The time is now to do the right thing not only for the survival of the country, but also for its rapid - development and arrival of 'jefferhead' time. We can recoup a lot (though not all) of the last forty years.
68 Nigeriaworld Letters & Viewpoints (Blackman is still in slavery)
Blackman is still in slavery, a self-imposed slavery that is economic. And until he frees his environment from poverty, he cannot command any respect from the world at large.
69 NigeriaWorld Letters & Viewpoints (Get Enlightened - A Rejoinder)
My original intent was to put my two cents worth of ideas into the pot as we attempt to figure out a way to build a better Nigeria. But if I must preach, I must preach. There will be no dereliction of duty here. So I respond to Mr. Sayyed Garba's point....
70 NigeriaWorld Letters & Viewpoints (Get enlightened)
To argue against Shari'a one does not need to defame Islam by using sheer illogical generalizations and conclusions that are derived from faulty logic. In this rejoinder I replied Mr. Ibanga on two issues he raised.

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