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41 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The North Vs The South-South: A real solution
Changing times, political awareness and improving levels of social and economic sophistications have become precursors of change: the South-South can no longer remain the doormat and stepping platform for Northern supremacy in Nigeria.
42 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - It is time to obey God
To the Muslim North, do not let the oil of the Niger Delta becloud your judgment. You will take as much of the money from that oil to the spiritual world as your fellow Northerner, Sani Abacha did. If the oil of the Niger Delta is the reason for your piety...
43 NigeriaWorld Letters & Viewpoints (Open Letter to the Nigerian Labor Congress)
You are to be congratulated on your recent hard won increase in the minimum wage for Nigerian workers. It is both refreshing and reassuring to know that there is a group in Nigeria that is concerned about the average worker.
44 Nigeriaworld Letters & Viewpoints (Akwa Ibom people: Yesterday, today and tomorrow)
...ongoing fierce debate about the future and nature of Nigeria. What is the position of Akwa Ibomites on this issue? We are silent... on conditions for continuing in this British experiment, called Nigeria.
45 NigeriaWorld Letters & Viewpoints (The election of 2003)
Fellow Nigerians, the current National Assembly is a disappointment. If we want something done to improve the lot of the average Nigerian, we must do it ourselves....So, I humbly volunteer to be your coordinator for the Conference for Nigerian Unity.
46 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The 15:85 Model - A resource ownership and control peace plan
Against the plethora of complains and fears arising from the history of unfairness and injustice, potentials for break up of Nigeria and increasingly fatal conflicts, the imperative is a solution that takes into consideration all concerns by various...
47 Nigeriaworld Letters & Viewpoints (Question Authority: A message from a Southern Nigerian Talakawa to Northern Nigerian Talakawas)
You only live once, but you can die many times over if you are a coward. Question authority. All of Nero's lions could not stop the spread of the truth of the Christian message about man's salvation. Neither will all the Fatwa in the world.
48 Nigeriaworld Letters & Viewpoints (Let there be time no longer)
The 21st century has begun. Nigeria is supposed to have a democratic government. Democracy, we are told, takes time to take hold. So I look around for signs that this democracy is starting to send true roots into the ground. I am sorry to report that I...
49 Nigeriaworld Letters & Viewpoints (Is Africa's curse self-imposed?)
My earliest recollection of Africa's woes being attributed to a curse was when it was said that we are descendants of Ham, the son of Noah, whom his father cursed. Both Arabs and Europeans have used this curse of Ham as a justification for the enslavement...
50 NigeriaWorld Letters & Viewpoints (Stop marginalizing Ibibio people)
It is time to cry the "M" word. Ibibio people have been systematically marginalized in Nigeria. It is time for Ibibio people to speak up and let the world know that we will not be taken for granted anymore. We want what is ours. We believe that the sooner...

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