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31 NigeriaWorld Writers (N. H. Ibanga -- Nigerian Publius)
32 Nigeriaworld Letters & Viewpoints (And All Africans Said: AMEN! AMEN! AMEN!)
...taken a Naira bribe but blamed him that stole a billion; please Lord forgive. set a poor example for our children daily, and yet we blame our national leaders for doing the same. Please Lord forgive.
33 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Suggestions for Mr. President
It is an open secret that the foundations of Nigeria have gotten weaker, rather than stronger in the last three years. But for the grace of God, the country as we know it would have ceased to exist.
34 NigeriaWorld Letters & Viewpoints (My Sharia Song)
We hold these truths to be self - evident. That this Sharia is not of religious but political origins. This Sharia does not glorify God. Not with judgements like these. This Sharia is a tool to coerce the Talakawa and subjugate them in an era when freedom...
35 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Picking up the mantle
Consequences of the Nigeria misrule are the eradication of any vestige of morality in private and public sectors, bastardization of our collective will, and brutalization /desensitization of our psyche as a people. All these were accomplished because we...
36 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - A proposal for discusion at the Sovereign National Congress
Each state will have its own militia. This militia is ultimately commanded by the President to whom the head of the Federal military reports. However, orders to the state militia can only go through the commander of the state’s militia. This individual...
37 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Stemming the slide to the disintegration of the country
Countries like Korea, Brazil, India and Pakistan who were at par with Nigeria in 1960 are now light years ahead of Nigeria. Why? Simply because Nigerians have been catering to the interest of the North. It now begs the question, when will the interest of...
38 Nigeriaworld Letters & Viewpoints (Questions for an Islamic Scholar)
Unlike Mohammed, Jesus claimed the power to forgive sins [Matthew 9:6]. He clearly stated that works alone (without Him) cannot save anyone. His intercession has no limitations like Mohammed's. Is Jesus therefore the safer bet (can't lose) of the two?
39 Nigeriaworld Letters & Viewpoints (Proof positive)
Now that the whole world is celebrating the birth of the Savior, there could not be a more appropriate time to respond to a challenge issued to Christians some weeks ago by a Muslim.
40 Nigeriaworld Letters & Viewpoints (Another Coffin for Head of State)
The first time I (and I could say, we) studied history, it was European history. No one told us that this was a lesson so that when we encounter similar situations, we could more accurately assess our options and consequences of our choices.

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