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1 Breakthrough 2020: What do you want me to do O! Lord?
There are 12 issues of life that are generically indubitable in the three phases of Life's Journey from Pre-Natal, to Adult life and Gathering of Life. You and I do not have inputs into these 12 issues of life already decided by the Creator Himself. These...
2 Can a true born-again Christian be in politics and be above-board?
This greatest power in all realms is what is called Spiritual Power. In order for Man through Adam to exercise this untrammeled Spiritual Power, the Almighty Father gave Adam the legal instrument needed in Gen. 2:16: 'And the Lord God commanded the man:...
3 Boko Haram - The unknown face of evil
After the 2014 kidnapping of the 276 schoolgirls Boko Haram announced it would treat the young women as slaves and marry them off. This was a reference to an ancient Islamic belief...
4 How can the evil of terrorism be abated?
Sadly, terrorism has almost become a quotidian evil around the world in the past decade. And, while thatís a distressing statement, itís also an accurate one.
5 Interview: Gov. Ugwuanyi's transformation agenda in Enugu continues for four more years, By Uchenna Akilo
When Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi took over the reins from his predecessor as the fourth democratically-elected governor of Enugu State in 2015, he chose to toe a different path in his governing style.
6 "Omoluabi"
They have done it again! What motivated an international award-winning writer, author, biographer and a former university teacher; Dr Moshood Ademola Fayemiwo and his talented wife, a former university professor, teacher and an author; Dr. Margie...

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