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41 Trusting God 'Blindly'…
Trusting God sometimes may not make sense to you or to others but when GOD tells you to let go, be rest assured that something good will come out of it.
42 Don't fret - God has got you covered
The People that drove Isaac out came back to beg him. Hear me; your promotion is not in the hands of a man. Those that had laid traps for you, thinking you will not become all that God wants you to be will come back to make peace with you....
43 Pride Goes Before A Fall…
There was this great man of God, who worked with Reinhard Bonnke, his name was Richard Ngidi. This man was gifted in miracles, signs and wonders. During those days, Bonnke would preach and step down the platform for, Ngidi would mount up the pulpit and...
44 The danger of distractions
We have a home and a father to return to. Don't be distracted, don't rejoice when people are clapping for you while doing the wrong things, they won't be there when you are to give account.
45 Take a second look
Now, there is a difference between judging and correcting someone in love. We should be able to differentiate between both. When someone judges, it isn't actually about you. It's about them and their limitations, insecurities and needs.
46 The Good Good Father…
Being a father is a beautiful thing. A father doesn't just talk about his love, He demonstrates what love is all about. He doesn't tell you how to live but rather lives and let you watch him do it.
47 The Eagle has arrived…
Do you think, God will ever allow you to crash? He is training you, getting you ready for the storm. It looks like you are about to hit the ground but no, the Lord will not allow you to dash your feet against the stones.
48 From Workshop to Showroom
If only you know the 'fire' you are in is God's agent to take you to your promise land then you will cry out 'More of it Lord!' My prayer for you is that, at the end of the day, you will be what He had in mind when He first began with you.
49 It's not on the surface…
There is so much we can become in and through God that we have not even realized. He has made all provision for you, and all you must do is to discover the Source for the resources you seek. When you find the Source, the resource will never be exhausted.
50 The Ride of Honor…
Can you imagine if the president of the free world calls you and said, 'I need you' I can imagine your response, but we are talking about the one that is greater than all the presidents of the world combined requesting you release your life to Him.

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