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41 Changing Your Spiritual Climate...
Your life and walk with God can be better than it is right now.
42 Nothing just happens...!
This is especially true when we are talking about revival. The story of the Azusa Street Revival readily comes to mind to drive home the point.
43 Snippets into the man - Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola
One of the greatest revivalists in the 1930s that was never covered in the best selling God's Generals was Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola.
44 Don't sit still - Rise up and shine!
As believers in Jesus Christ, God wants us to actively change our world.
45 2022: Here We Go...
For the year 2022, there is a propheric map. To get it clearer, see Isaiah 60:1-3.
46 Engaging the mystery of honor for your rising - Learn from what happened between Maria Woodworth - Ether and Alexander Dowie
There are some categories of people in life that you must honor if you want to experience genuine rising.
47 Alert! Rescuers needed immediately!!!
Are you aware that there is a determined plan against the entire body of Christ this end time? Are you also aware that this plan is already being carried out?
48 What Do You Want?
Do you just want to get a job, or you want to become an employer of labour? ... Don't play small. Make no small plans....
49 Trusting God 'Blindly'
Trusting God sometimes may not make sense to you or to others but when GOD tells you to let go, be rest assured that something good will come out of it.
50 Don't fret - God has got you covered
The People that drove Isaac out came back to beg him. Hear me; your promotion is not in the hands of a man. Those that had laid traps for you, thinking you will not become all that God wants you to be will come back to make peace with you....

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