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21 God answers prayers...Yes! He does…
God truly answers prayers and some times His silence may be the answer that you need though you may not understand why in the immediate.
22 Unity in Diversity
If I'm not seeing clearly, then don't stand back and criticize my ineptness to see. Become my eyes. If I have no arms to pick up my burdens, then don't 'cut off my head' because I'm weak. Come help me carry the burdens.
23 Godliness with contentment…
Let me ask you a question: What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday?
24 Let God find you…
A guy attended a wedding ... reception ... of about 30 people, he sat at the front seat. Then a lady started sharing food. She started from the back and unfortunately, it didn't reach those at the front.
25 It's Your Choice - Don't miss your shot!
No one is born to be an automatic success and no one is born a failure too but we all are born choosers.
26 The Great 'Catching Up'
I want to make a plea, please don't live as if there is no life after now. The DAY is fast approaching; It will be a terrible day.
27 The unforgettable impact of Apostle Timothy Oluwole Obadare
I am afraid of the new generation of Christians. I'm afraid when I see the way we're running our own race. The people of God in times of old walked in righteousness, and therefore manifested the raw power of God.
28 The exploits of Archbishop Benson Idahosa (Part 3)
Once, he, alongside some ministers of God, wanted to see a head of state. On hearing Idahosa was coming with an entourage, the head of state sent a message stating the limited number of people he wanted to see. When Idahosa heard this, he was furious.
29 The exploits of Archbishop Benson Idahosa (Part 2)
The chief host of the witches granted a network interview, announcing that a universal witchcraft meeting was to hold in Nigeria. On hearing this, Idahosa announced that it was not true. The press asked Idahosa, 'What do you mean by, 'It's not true?''
30 The exploits of Archbishop Benson Idahosa (Part 1)
There's something spectacular about Idahosa which is to be learnt from the life of this man of God.

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