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11 It's not on the surface…
There is so much we can become in and through God that we have not even realized. He has made all provision for you, and all you must do is to discover the Source for the resources you seek. When you find the Source, the resource will never be exhausted.
12 The Ride of Honor…
Can you imagine if the president of the free world calls you and said, 'I need you' I can imagine your response, but we are talking about the one that is greater than all the presidents of the world combined requesting you release your life to Him.
13 It May Be You…Be Nice!
A lady worked at a meat distribution factory. One day, when she finished with her work schedule, she went into the cold room (Freezer) to inspect something, but in a moment of misfortune, the door closed and she was locked inside with no help in sight.
14 Can you handle it…?
What good is it to receive a 'blessing' that will eventually destroy your life. Many people clamor for one blessing or another but when they receive these blessings they become oppressors of others.
15 A Second Chance
Don't postpone forgiving those that have hurt because you may not have another opportunity to make things right. No one has the mastery of time.
16 The Rotten Tomatoes…
Hate is a deadly weapon in the hands of the devil with which he uses to destroy nations, families and individuals. Hate has venom. When you hate someone, it doesn't stop there. Hate is a precursor which breeds other vices.
17 Oil the Lamp…
No wonder, the church has lost her relevance. The world doesn't look up to the church anymore because we are more or less like them. Gone are the days when Kings go to the Priests and they are told the mind of God without fear or favor.
18 Build wisely this year…
We should be tired of repeating the same thing year in year out particularly if this has not changed the course of our life for the better.
19 Don't Sell Out! -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
How many of us have sold out? We have betrayed the Lord because we felt help would not come, and then we decided to play 'God' by doing it our way or, better still, the popular way.
20 Grateful Heart… -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Don't compare yourself with others; our path in destiny is not the same. Comparison is sometimes the thief of joy. One of the secret of being happy is to always be thankful to the Lord for His many blessings.

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