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91 Nigeria at Crossroads between Democracy and Sharia Ideology
Following the notoriety of lopsided federal government of President Buhari, and the unfolding Islamization agenda of his administration, Sharia ideology and protagonists seemed to have won in the battle against liberal democracy and Common Law in Nigeria.
92 Toni Morrison – A Great Black African Dame of Literature: A Tribute
In the passing unto glory of Toni Morrison, both African-Americans and Continental Africans, indeed the world in general, have lost one of their greatest voices, storytellers, mentors and motivators.
93 Nigeria, before Rwanda, there was Biafra
In the present article, we wish to address the deceptive narrative pervading Nigeria's body polity today. That is, the dangerous narrative, which aims often, at suppressing the story and experience of the victims and survivors of Nigeria-Biafra War...
94 Killer-herdsmen symbol on the new Nigerian passport: Implications
Very disturbing was the secretive way, the administration cleverly inserted the Fulani herdsmen terrorists' inscription in the new Nigerian International Passports. By inserting the symbol of the world fourth most deadly terrorist organization on the...
95 The future of Christianity in Nigeria and betrayal of politicians
What many of our Christian Politicians have forgotten in the present dispensation is that the failure on the part of any disciple to stand up for Christ and His Church at a critical time like ours today in Nigeria, is a sin of betrayal. It is a sin of...
96 Treacherous Christian Politicians and Denial of Persecution of Christians in Nigeria (1)
There is no doubt that a good number of our Christian politicians serving in the present administration of President Buhari have taken the unfortunate route of Judas Iscariot. Many of them have betrayed Jesus Christ, the church and the persecuted Nigerian...
97 Where are the Churches and Christians of Nigeria?
One major question dominated most of readers’ comments on my last article on the implications of the ‘President’s taking of oath of office, carrying a Sharia Islamic law bag and the OIC Islamization agenda in Nigeria.’ ... if anything happens today, the...
98 OIC Islamization Agenda in Nigeria and Buhari's Inauguration Day "Sharia Law Bag"
Many people, especially Christians, moderate Muslims and non-Muslims alike were disappointed to see President Buhari, carry a 'Sharia law bag' for his oath of office at Abuja on May 29, 2019, in a multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-cultural country...
99 The threat to shutdown Enugu Airport is suspicious
For sometimes now, one has been wondering, what actually is the problem the present federal government of Nigeria has with people of the Southeast? Why is it that any little case that could take dialogue and humane understanding to resolve ... FG jumps...
100 Easter: The Triumph of Certainty over Tensions and Turbulence
Our reflection begins with a brief discourse on the meaning of tension and certainty of triumph in the Gospel of John (12: 27-34). Thereafter, we shall relate it to the Nigerian reality, and by extension, the overall value of John's teaching on tension and...

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