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91 'Empty Churches' and 'True Worshippers' at Easter
Just as the story of the 'empty-tomb' turned out to be good news of Jesus' Resurrection to the bewildered and frightened Apostles and other disciples, so will the present lockdown and empty-churches be for Christians and the world at the end of the road!
92 Easter at the Crossroads of 'Empty Tomb' and 'Empty Churches' (1)
Today's image of our 'empty churches', which we see on televisions and hear every day on the news, will eventually turn out to be a 'new beginning' - a new 'spring-time' for us Christians, the churches and the world in general. Our churches and customary...
93 COVID-19: A call for responsive spiritual leadership
In a country where a government that is meant to provide the masses with basic necessities - adequate security of lives and property, cater for their welfare, is rotten, corrupt and overtaken by religious bigotry and ethnocentrism, lopsided governance or...
94 Solitude not Isolation, the Challenge of COVID-19
In isolation, one does not feel like doing anything again with people. This is not solitude. Solitude is emptiness in life, which only God can refill. This is what the spiritual writer would call the 'dark night of the soul.'
95 When Flutist admonishes Priests and Nuns
In the first place, Ichie Odenjimji, the flutist should be commended for his courageous admonitions to our priests and nuns at this particular time in Nigeria's checked history and regime of tyranny and dictatorship. His admonitions to priests and nuns...
96 Nigeria's imminent Jihad and the proposed 'Free Entry Visa' Policy
There is every cause for concern with regard to the proposed "Free Entry Visa" Policy for all Africans, announced recently by Major General Muhammed Buhari, Nigeria's maximum leader. Very instructive is the fact that General Buhari chose to make the...
97 Origins and Spiritual Imports of Christmas at a Time like This
In the midst of conflicting ideologies in a world controlled by secularized media, market-economy, lust for power, neo-geopolitical hegemony, racism, cultural and religious intolerance and bigotry, nepotism and tyranny of all sorts, it is not uncommon...
98 The Treasures of Our 'Communion with the Dead' @November 2
In a day like this, November 2, it behoves us as African Christians and as Christians for that matter, to remind ourselves once more, of the significance of this feast for us today. Since the Catholics stand out as the mainstream Christian community that...
99 John S. Mbiti - Father of Theology of African Religion: A Tribute
As a junior lecturer at Makerere University, Prof. Mbiti challenged Christian inferences that traditional African religious ideas were 'demonic and anti-Christian' through his first work, 'African Religions and Philosophy' (published in 1969 by the...
100 The particularity of the problem with Nigeria @ 59
As significant as this event and day is for the nation, we should not fail to ponder a while, ask the fundamental question, about the inability of Nigeria as a nation state to rise above its pre-independence, and immediate post-independence shenanigans?

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