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81 Biafra and the Conscience of the World -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Well-meaning citizens from all sides of the divide in Nigeria have been warning the government to thread with caution the Nnamdi Kanu question. The reasons for the warning are not far-fetched. One of which is that as things are now in the country, Nnamdi...
82 Fighting corruption is NOT the mission of Christian religious leaders -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
On this VP’s verbal attack on the church leaders, two things stand out conspicuously. In the first place, by asking church leaders to henceforth preach the unity of Nigeria and the government policy of fighting corruption, the VP, is invariably, advising...
83 Assumption of Mary: Its implications for Nigeria in distress -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
There is a story of a Muslim mother, who pardoned the killer of her son by a symbolic gesture of slap on the cheek of the killer on the day of execution. What is the significance of this story to our reflection on the feast of Assumption of Mary into...
84 The Danger of Christianity of Workers of Miracles in Nigeria -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
We are already witnessing the messing-up of CAN by its present executive leadership, composed mainly by pastors of these miracle and healing churches, the so-called General Overseers or founders of churches of the Neo-Pentecostal movements in Nigeria
85 When a ‘Prophet’s Miracle’ is not of God -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
St. Peter’s rebuke to Simon the Magician is a clear evidence that prophetic mission in Judeo-Christian religion and tradition must be differentiated....
86 Fundamental issues before Elections 2019 -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
The failure to see the link between the ongoing murderous activities of Boko Haram cum Fulani Herdsmen terrorists’ groups across the country, and the continued denial or unwillingness of Nigerian state to address the underlying issues that led to the...
87 The Message of Easter: Implications for Nigeria’s “Dangerous Memories” – Part 2 -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
As the last 'Palm Sunday homily' of Pope Francis cited above shows, it is wrong to shout down on people who tell us the truth, or manipulate them, especially, our youth who are looking for justice and fair-play for their people and nation. In our Nigerian...
88 The other side of Nnamdi Kanu phenomenon: A theological appraisal (Part 2)
Most of those calling for reconciliation and unity of the country today, especially, state actors and players, have refused to get to the heart of the Nigerian story. Some others, non-state players, naďve outsiders, who are not the direct perpetrators of...
89 Is The Church Political or Apolitical in Nigeria? -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
When the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria (CBCN), issued the above directives earlier this week, some, especially, within the ranks and files of the clergy and religious, received it with some mixed-feelings.
90 Nigeria and the need for pluralism of centers -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Our proposition in this article is that Nigeria is today more than ever at the crossroads of choosing between ‘the center’ or creation of ‘multiplicity of centers’ in its search for viable political structure and culture.

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