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51 Fighting Herdsmen Terrorism is NOT "Stoking Ethnic-Hatred"
Kadaria Ahmed is beginning to speak up now against what she called 'ethnic-hate-filled journalism in Nigeria,' simply because, her kinsmen killer-herdsmen and the Northern Muslim Oligarchy controlled FG of Nigeria are now beginning to be on the receiving...
52 Fighting Herdsmen Terrorism is NOT "Stoking Ethnic-Hatred"
the federal government's non-challant attitude over this matter tells us two things about the mindset of the people piloting the affairs of Nigeria today. It is ether the government itself does not understand the gravity of the problem at hand, or....
53 Why African liberation may not be so easy
In a recent interview video clip that went viral on social media, the Ghanaian author, poet, playwright and academic, Ama ata Aidoo, answered some of the most difficult questions about Africa, posited to her by a European lady journalist that interviewed...
54 Feast Day of Blessed Iwene Tansi
the Church celebrates the Feast of the Blessed Michael Cyprian Iwene Tansi, who was beatified by Pope St. John Paul II, at Onitsha on March 22, 1998, during the Pope's Pastoral visit to Nigeria that year. The Pope visited Nigeria that year, specifically,...
55 Christmas and the Birth of Truth on Earth at a time like this!
What has a discourse on Jesus Christ as the 'Truth of God' born in human flesh at Bethlehem on Christmas Day, gotten to do with our world today? A world governed by neo-geopolitics and neo-colonialism supremacy of the powerful nations....
56 Abuse of 'Spiritual Power' in African Christianity! A personal meditation
...look at what is emerging today in African Christianity! See the abuse of spiritual powers, fraudulent activities and Scams going on in the so-called churches of the New Religious Movements - perverted form of Neo-Pentecostalism in Africa, all in the...
57 'Igbo-Presidency' Is NOT the Answer: Matters Arising
What we are experiencing in Nigeria today, is the tragedy of a nation state not founded on the will of the people through referendum and self-determination of the federating units.
58 Is Nigeria, beyond Restructuring and Igbo Presidency (Part 3)
In this Part 3 ... we shall dwell specifically on why we say that 'Igbo-Presidency' (or 'Rotational-Presidency') is not the answer to the problem with Nigeria.
59 Is Nigeria, beyond Restructuring and Igbo Presidency (Part 2)
The key political leaders of Nigeria at independence, from the British in 1960, all recognized and voiced out the problem with Nigeria. However, instead of them tackling it then from the roots, they went ahead with the colonial master's plan without...
60 Is Nnamdi Kanu the problem with Nigeria?
Each time Nigerian State is faced with the challenge of all that is wrong with the country, as the on-going #EndSARS Protest... has revealed to all and sundry to see, one begins to see some underground attempts by the powers that be, who hire some...

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