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51 Treacherous Christian Politicians and Denial of Persecution of Christians in Nigeria (1)
There is no doubt that a good number of our Christian politicians serving in the present administration of President Buhari have taken the unfortunate route of Judas Iscariot. Many of them have betrayed Jesus Christ, the church and the persecuted Nigerian...
52 Where are the Churches and Christians of Nigeria?
One major question dominated most of readers’ comments on my last article on the implications of the ‘President’s taking of oath of office, carrying a Sharia Islamic law bag and the OIC Islamization agenda in Nigeria.’ ... if anything happens today, the...
53 OIC Islamization Agenda in Nigeria and Buhari's Inauguration Day "Sharia Law Bag"
Many people, especially Christians, moderate Muslims and non-Muslims alike were disappointed to see President Buhari, carry a 'Sharia law bag' for his oath of office at Abuja on May 29, 2019, in a multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-cultural country...
54 The threat to shutdown Enugu Airport is suspicious
For sometimes now, one has been wondering, what actually is the problem the present federal government of Nigeria has with people of the Southeast? Why is it that any little case that could take dialogue and humane understanding to resolve ... FG jumps...
55 Easter: The Triumph of Certainty over Tensions and Turbulence
Our reflection begins with a brief discourse on the meaning of tension and certainty of triumph in the Gospel of John (12: 27-34). Thereafter, we shall relate it to the Nigerian reality, and by extension, the overall value of John's teaching on tension and...
56 Pope Francis' South Sudan gesture is prophetic: A challenge to African churches
Fome few days ago, Pope Francis captivated the world once again with a rare symbolic gesture that knows no bound. He kissed the feet of the South Sudan warring leaders, imploring them to maintain the 'fragile' peace that exists between them.
57 The problem is beyond elections postponement
Quoting from an Igbo proverb in his famous novel, 'Things Fall Apart', Chinua Achebe says, 'A man who cannot tell where the rain began to beat him cannot know where he dried his body.'
58 Lamin Sanneh: A foremost African Theologian from Gambia
Lamin Sanneh (1942-2019), a foremost African theologian of our time from Gambia in West Africa, was called to great beyond on January 6, 2019, the Feast of Epiphany of our Lord Jesus Christ to the gentile world.
59 No Imperfections in Humanity of Jesus: An Open Letter to General Obasanjo uttered the following statement... '...For me, as a Christian, the only Messiah I know is Jesus Christ and even then, the man aspect of Him was imperfect while the divine aspect of Him was perfectly messianic.' ... Sir, setting up the divine nature...
60 Is it goodbye Nigeria? - The Onnoghen Saga
What is left of Nigeria again as a nation state under a democratic rule? That is, after President Buhari suspended the nation's Constitution by his unilateral removal from office, the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN) ... without any recourse to the Senate...

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