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41 John S. Mbiti - Father of Theology of African Religion: A Tribute
As a junior lecturer at Makerere University, Prof. Mbiti challenged Christian inferences that traditional African religious ideas were 'demonic and anti-Christian' through his first work, 'African Religions and Philosophy' (published in 1969 by the...
42 The particularity of the problem with Nigeria @ 59
As significant as this event and day is for the nation, we should not fail to ponder a while, ask the fundamental question, about the inability of Nigeria as a nation state to rise above its pre-independence, and immediate post-independence shenanigans?
43 Igbo claim of ancestral link with Israel and republicanism
In the present article, our aim is to bring into the debate, Igbo claim of ancestral link with Israel, and its relatedness to their republican and inclusive traditional system of governance.
44 Igbo culture of dispersal authority and challenge of statehood
Here lies the significance of Ezekiel's prophetic vocation to Nigeria, that is, with regard to the Biafra question. It is a prophecy that calls for conversion of heart to hear the cry of the masses on the part of the gatekeepers of Nigerian state. All...
45 Religious manipulation in Nigeria: Echoes from Achebe and Soyinka
Achebe, in the book 'Morning yet on Creation Day', discusses the devastating effect of colonial induced 'cultural change' or rather 'cultural shift' in post-independent neo-colonial African nation-states as a religious, and cultural phenomenon. ... Wole...
46 Nigeria at Crossroads between Democracy and Sharia Ideology
Following the notoriety of lopsided federal government of President Buhari, and the unfolding Islamization agenda of his administration, Sharia ideology and protagonists seemed to have won in the battle against liberal democracy and Common Law in Nigeria.
47 Toni Morrison A Great Black African Dame of Literature: A Tribute
In the passing unto glory of Toni Morrison, both African-Americans and Continental Africans, indeed the world in general, have lost one of their greatest voices, storytellers, mentors and motivators.
48 Nigeria, before Rwanda, there was Biafra
In the present article, we wish to address the deceptive narrative pervading Nigeria's body polity today. That is, the dangerous narrative, which aims often, at suppressing the story and experience of the victims and survivors of Nigeria-Biafra War...
49 Killer-herdsmen symbol on the new Nigerian passport: Implications
Very disturbing was the secretive way, the administration cleverly inserted the Fulani herdsmen terrorists' inscription in the new Nigerian International Passports. By inserting the symbol of the world fourth most deadly terrorist organization on the...
50 The future of Christianity in Nigeria and betrayal of politicians
What many of our Christian Politicians have forgotten in the present dispensation is that the failure on the part of any disciple to stand up for Christ and His Church at a critical time like ours today in Nigeria, is a sin of betrayal. It is a sin of...

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