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21 Intrigues of 1989 Abuja declaration and islamization of Nigeria
28 November 1989 ... Joint conference [in Abuja] of all allied major Islamic organizations ... issued a landmark Communique, in which they sealed the fate of Nigeria for the Muslim world (forever).
22 Africa in the crossfire of Russia's invation of, America-backed, Ukraine
Very interesting to see how some Africans are beginning to hail Russia for what they consider as Russia's military and financial assistance to some African countries in the past during the liberation struggles in those countries.
23 African contribution to the Synod for a "Synodal-Church"
The present article wishes to highlight some of the positive elements or rather characteristics of the African Palaver model of public assembly discourse, reconciliation and dialogue, as socio-cultural ingredients the Church in Africa....
24 African palaver as asset for the Synod on 'Church-Synodality' (Part 1)
The topic of the Synod Pope Francis has initiated is therefore about 'How the church can learn to rely more fully on this kind of consultation-and-discussion process - how it can become more 'synodal' in its governance.
25 'Iduu Kingdom' was the original name of Igbos, Igalas, Jukuns and Binis
In a landmark article, published in 2010, entitled "Anambra is the Ancestral Home of the Igalas", the renowned journalist and historian, C. XRYDZ-EYUTCHAE....
26 Archbishop Tutu & Emergent African Theology of Reconstruction
It is not an overstatement to say that the late Archbishop Desmond Tutu initiated a new trend in African theology, called African theology of reconstruction....
27 Congolese Bishop Tharcisse TSHIBANGU: Promoter of Theology with an 'African-color'
... best remembered by the ably and courageous way he argued for a theology with an "African-color" as a student, in series of theological debates between him and the Belgium Prof. Alfred Vanneste, Dean of his Faculty of Theology of the prestigious...
28 Archbishop Tutu & South African Black Theology: A Tribute
The concerns in South African Black theology, largely rests on this religious interpretation of the Apartheid System by late Archbishop Desmond Tutu.
29 Christmas peace of Christ is not an easy peace
There is no other place that this type of 'restless peace' is more evident today in the world than in the lives of the suffering and oppressed humanity.
30 How Mandela used 'Sit-At-Home' in his liberation struggle (Part 1)
Some might have thought that Nnamdi Kanu's IPOB continued appeal for Sit-At-Home Civil Disobedience in Southeastern Nigeria (Biafraland) ... is something out of the ordinary in liberation struggle.

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