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131 The Church and Politics in Nigeria: A theological appraisal -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
As we noted in the earlier article, the CBCN directive regarding the non-participation of the clergy in partisan politics is not only timely but also in order.... Aquinas bases his arguments on the philosophy of Aristotle. According to Aristotle, 'the end...
132 The Pope on the 'Lord's Prayer' and translations in African languages -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
In general, apart from the newly retranslated French version, all other translations of our Lord's Prayer in Western Latin languages give the wrong impression that it is God himself, who leads us into temptations (sins). This is the wrong translation and...
133 Nigeria and Christmas Message of Peace -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
This Christmas and New Year – the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, Prince of Peace and Savior of the world, is an opportunity for sober reflection and prayer of all us for artisans of peace and reconciliation that could reinvent Nigeria, to arise...
134 That Pilgrimage of the Western Leaders to Abuja -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
The pilgrimage of some key Western European leaders to Abuja, Nigeria, in the last few days alone arouses once more, what has troubled my mind all this while:....
135 Has Nigeria moral authority to question Italy’s corporal work of mercy? -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article is my take that Italy, a civilized and responsible state was expecting Nigeria to come immediately it heard the news of the death of those 26 girls in the shores of Italy. Italy might have expected that Nigeria should have been there earlier on the...
136 Is it “illegal” to be a Nigerian? -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
After listening to my own President characterization of Nigerian citizens as ‘illegal migrants’ the other day, I asked myself, ... Is it the human person that is “illegal” or the maltreatment of the human person in foreign land because he is Black that is...
137 The problem with Nigeria is Ethnic-Hate NOT “Hate-Speech” -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
This article is necessitated by the on-going debate concerning the alleged fear that Nigerian government is about to criminalize and classify as terrorism what it terms as “hate-speech.” The article is also motivated by the recent “terror” attack of...
138 Amalgamation of Nigeria in 1914 is Not the “Will of God” -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Because in its secular meaning, the word 'will' carries the baggage of use of force, human power to suppress the forces of nature or to subjugate and influence fellow human beings. Perhaps, this could be the sense the Sultan used the word in his speech...
139 The danger of power as invincibility in Nigeria: Lessons from “Things Fall Apart” -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Today, more than ever, Nigeria has found itself at the crossroads of power as violence, domination and invincibility. This situation challenges us to revisit the key characters behind Chinua Achebe’s “Things Fall Apart.” If “Things Fall Apart” is Achebe’s...
140 Biafra and the Conscience of the World -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Well-meaning citizens from all sides of the divide in Nigeria have been warning the government to thread with caution the Nnamdi Kanu question. The reasons for the warning are not far-fetched. One of which is that as things are now in the country, Nnamdi...

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