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11 Benedict XVI and African Theology of Inculturation: - A Tribute
On the surface, however, and as was the case when first, he made those assertions on Africa and African theology and culture, one thing is certain, those criticisms of Ratzinger did not go down well with most of the theologians from Africa and beyond.
12 The flood and Matters Arising
...people living on both sides of the East and West of River Niger ... never saw the River Niger as a barrier or obstacle, even as at that time of 'Chike and the River', when the Niger Bridge was not yet built.
13 There is something in a name: NIGERIA@62
Why has Nigeria, as a nation-state, for the past 62 years, not been able to get a name, an African-inspired name, chosen and given to it, by its own citizens and leaders?
14 Palm Oil & Roasted Yam: British Colonial military carnage in my hometown
Instead of toeing the path of revenge as his father had wished for him, God had another plan for the young man, Iwene Tansi.
15 Why referendum for self-determination is the way-out (Part 2)
For the Hausa-Fulani, however, modernization required and still does, a complete change in values and ways of life. The Yoruba were somewhere between the Hausa-Fulani and the Igbos regarding their need for achievement and emphasis upon individual choice.
16 Why referendum for self-determination is the way-out (Part 1)
it is because the world powers, international community and our gifted and well-positioned Christian Church leaders had failed to address the Biafra question ... which was the first of its kind in the post-independent Africa, that is why we have gotten the...
17 The case for Biafra & likes of Bishop Carlos Belo of East Timor (Part 2)
No amount of numbers of political elections conducted under the present dispensation, or personnel changes, today or tomorrow, will ever make Nigeria work, or stop the ongoing Islamist, herdsmen terrorism and carnage in the country.
18 The case for Biafra & likes of Bishop Carlos Belo of East Timor (Part 1)
The unique inside account and witness of Bishop Carlos Belo, became a catalyst that eventually, compelled the United Nations, to intervene, and begin the negotiations that eventually, led to the granting of Independence and self-rule to East Timor by the...
19 Nigeria's problem is beyond election and change of personnel
It is an evil, that needs be uprooted from the African soil, from soils of all the indigenous ethnic nationalities that were logged together as one nation-state....
20 Biafra and Buhari's visit to Rwanda Genocide Memorial, Kigali
'Before Rwanda, there was Biafra.'

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