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11 Abuse of 'Spiritual Power' in African Christianity! A personal meditation
...look at what is emerging today in African Christianity! See the abuse of spiritual powers, fraudulent activities and Scams going on in the so-called churches of the New Religious Movements - perverted form of Neo-Pentecostalism in Africa, all in the...
12 'Igbo-Presidency' Is NOT the Answer: Matters Arising
What we are experiencing in Nigeria today, is the tragedy of a nation state not founded on the will of the people through referendum and self-determination of the federating units.
13 Is Nigeria, beyond Restructuring and Igbo Presidency (Part 3)
In this Part 3 ... we shall dwell specifically on why we say that 'Igbo-Presidency' (or 'Rotational-Presidency') is not the answer to the problem with Nigeria.
14 Is Nigeria, beyond Restructuring and Igbo Presidency (Part 2)
The key political leaders of Nigeria at independence, from the British in 1960, all recognized and voiced out the problem with Nigeria. However, instead of them tackling it then from the roots, they went ahead with the colonial master's plan without...
15 Is Nnamdi Kanu the problem with Nigeria?
Each time Nigerian State is faced with the challenge of all that is wrong with the country, as the on-going #EndSARS Protest... has revealed to all and sundry to see, one begins to see some underground attempts by the powers that be, who hire some...
16 Nigeria, beyond Restructuring and Igbo Presidency (Part 1)
Anyone who has been following the political debate in Nigeria these days, will notice immediately that two thoughts have continued recurring in the whole discourse.
17 Msgr. Nathaniel C. Obiagba, first priest civil lawyer in West Africa: A tribute
The Catholic Archdiocese of Onitsha was once again, thrown into a mourning mood on September 14, 2020, Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. This time, that of its eldest and most energetic, hardworking priest civil lawyer, Rt. Rev. Msgr. Nathaniel...
18 The Rise and Fall of North African Churches: Lessons for Nigerian Churches
What happened to the vibrant Churches of North Africa - the rise and fall of North African Churches in the early centuries' Christianity, is a history, Christians and Churches in Nigeria today, should not neglect to equip themselves with in the face of...
19 CAMA & the future of the Church and Nigeria
A government that has not been able to tackle the challenges posed to it by insurgency and increasing insecurity in the land, should not invite a war with the Church of Christ in Nigeria. No government or leader in the recent history of the world has ever...
20 Beyond Northern Lawyers' new Bar Association: Matters Arising
... the on-going saga of the formation of a parallel Bar Association by lawyers from the Sharia States of Northern Nigeria could turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

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