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81 Anniversary of June 12 Presidential Election (3)
Decree two was used in 1992 to detain and silence persons for anti-government activities or statements. In the aftermath of riots in several Nigerian cities in May, four human rights monitors and a student union leader were arrested under Decree Two.
82 Kofi Annan and his likes in Nigeria
Of all the books written by or on Kofi Atta Annan (1938-2018) none is more controversial than the 442 page book, THE BEST INTENTIONS by Mr. James Traub, a New York Times magazine journalist, who enjoyed unprecedented access to Mr. Annan and his top aides...
83 Shehu Musa on code of conduct for political parties
...every Political Party shall provide equal opportunity to qualified persons to participate in electoral activities.
84 The once elegant Joseph Wayas
His road to the Senate Presidency in 1979 was never easy. He defeated Chief Matthew Tawo Mbu (1929-2012) of the NPP in the Ogoja Senatorial election in Cross River state on July 9 1979.
85 The questionable integrity of a President
The writing of this article was partly provoked by Mr. Yahaya Balogun's piece, as published by Nigeriaworld, titled, 'Yes, Mr. Integrity And His Adversaries...!!!', in which he exalted President Muhammadu Buhari as Integrity personified.
86 Right Reverend Dr. Humphrey Bamisebi Olumokaye: From the hills to Marina Lagos (2)
Christianity is a tradition in Idanre. At present there are thirty churches in Idanre Archdeaconry Anglican Communion.
87 Right Reverend Dr. Humphrey Bamisebi Olumokaye: From the hills to Marina Lagos (1)
On Monday July 30, I witnessed the enthronement of the Right Reverend Dr. Humphrey Bamisebi Olumokaye as the 8th Bishop of the Diocese of Lagos, Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion. ... Bishop Olumokaye (49) is from Idanre, a hilly town in Ondo state.
88 The Mafia of Course 3 -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
General Babangida however noted that even in retirement, he has maintained a relationship with Regular Course 3. 'The role I have to play now in their lives is to maintain a good relationship with them. That is what I do. We all respect each other. And we...
89 Late General Malu and his unconfirmed verdict on Gen Oladipo Diya and others -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Lt. General Samuel Victor Leonard Malu, CFR (1947-2017), who died in Cairo, Egypt recently will be more remembered for his role as the President of the Special Military Tribunal that tried Lt.General Oladipo Diya (73), the then number 2 man in the country...
90 The Generals and their books -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Ever since General Olusegun Obasanjo (80) wrote his 178 page book, MY COMMAND, published by the Heinemann Education books on June 28 1981, a book reviewed by Anthony Clayton, a lot of Nigerian Generals have become authors. And a lot has been written too on...

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