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41 Is The People's Bank coming back? (1)
VP Osinbajo declared in Ilorin recently that the FG will float People's Money bank in the country this year. ... When General Babangida introduced the People's Bank, he appointed Dr. Augustus Taiwo Solarin (22/08/22 - 27/07/94), ... as the chairman of the...
42 Why the constitution shields the judicial officers (1)
Although the protection is more glaring in the 1999 constitution but the process started in 1976. The reason may not be farfetched.
43 Postponement of elections as a culture
Annulment of elections, violence before, during and after elections, banning of candidates and postponement of elections are gradually becoming part of the Nigeria culture.
44 A contest between two kindreds
To their credit the two of them have distinguished themselves in the public service, one in the military and the other in the customs service. And they are both Fulanis.
45 Abuse of the electoral system
...another factor that has rendered the electoral system vulnerable to manipulations and abuse is the funding of the electoral commission.
46 Shehu Shagari, part hero (2)
During his tenure, Dr. Alex Ekwueme, who was then number 2 by virtue of the constitution and the speaker of the House of Representatives, Chief Edwin Ume Ezeoke, who was number 4 were both from Anambra State....
47 Shehu Shagari, part hero (1)
Knowing fully the circumstances of how he got to power via the 122/3 arrangement, he wanted to form an all-embracing unity government in spite of the Presidential system of government, so that everybody could come on board.
48 The judiciary is in distress
It is rather unfortunate that Justice Onnoghen and Mr. Paul Usoro are on trial at this time. The trial makes a mockery of the good work the National Judicial Council has been doing of late in cleansing the Judiciary.
49 The last minimum wage (1)
The last minimum wage bill in Nigeria was signed on September 3, 1981, by President Shehu Usman Aliyu Shagari (93). It was N125.00 per month, which is the equivalent of N45,000.00 now. At that time the dollar was equal to N1, so I can't understand why the...
50 FIRS, collector of taxes by force in era of poverty (2)
Multiple taxation by different agencies of Federal, State and Local Government is one of the factors militating against the performance of business enterprises in Nigeria.

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