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21 Adebanjo, Clark, Amechi, Yakasai at their sunset
The big four I have in mind represent the four regions before 1967 era.
22 The new VAT combat is a protest
The actions of Chief Nyesom Wike (57) governor of Rivers state and Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu (56) governor of Lagos, have made us to take another look on the issue of taxation in Nigeria.
23 Asiodu, the last titan after Ahmed Joda
Following the demise of Alhaji Ahmed Mohammed Joda (1930-2021), Chief Phillip Chukwuedo Asiodu (87) remains the last of the titans in the list of those termed as Super Permanent Secretaries who served under General Yakubu Gowon between 1966 and 1975.
24 Whither the Interim Common Services Agency and Esiala
These days ESIALA and the Interim Common Services Agency mean nothing to many people. Yet, years ago, these two agencies dominated the headlines in this country.
25 The mistake of 1914 (Part 1)
Just as British entry into Nigeria was motivated by economic reasons, so was its amalgamation into one country.
26 The mistake of 1914 (Part 2)
The economic disparity between the two Nigerias made their amalgamation inevitable.
27 The dilemma over grazing laws
President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, has often referred to the gazette which published the grazing laws in Nigeria. ... passed into a decree by the then the Premier of Northern Nigeria, Sir Ahmadu Bello (12 June 1910-15 January 1966) ... The laws were not...
28 54th Anniversary of States Creation
On Thursday May 27, it will be the 54th anniversary of the creation of states by General Yakubu Gowon, GCFR. The question is, what is so special about 54th anniversary?
29 Does privatisation serve public interests
A lot of jobs have been lost through this privatization programme and millions of people have been thrown in the unemployment market. Some of these companies privatized were established by loans procured by the Central government on behalf of the...
30 Can we afford bicameral legislature?
Ghana, our neighbour, practices unicameral. That does not make these countries less democratic than we are.

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