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1 Nigeria World -- All About Nigeria News Headlines Articles and Culture
Daily news updates, viewpoints, feature articles and essays on Nigeria, Africa and the world in general, from a Nigerian perspective.
2 14 Strategies to eliminate police brutality and racism in America
Despite over three weeks of global protests, it is clear that police brutality and racism is a culture and lifestyle against blacks in America because you still read of blacks being killed in the news to this day.
3 George Floyd: America’s secret love for police brutality
The killing of George Floyd in 2020 is American’s secret love for police brutality against blacks, especially the black man, to remind the blacks that they legally have no rights in many American cities and states.
4 Racial reconciliation: How do you call the police in America?
I soon noticed that about 95% of the time that police stopped me, it was based on an incident that never happened and the other times, it was factual, but my words or actions were intentionally twisted to make me look like I had committed a crime.
5 Fear of Freedom: Why blacks have bad leaders & poor economies
It is not the fault of the Europeans that blacks are living in poverty and have bad leaders today because China, Japan, India, and Brazil were all once conquered or colonized by Europeans or White nations, but today....
6 FIFA should please save African football
African Football is dying a fast death from inadequate football administration by CAF and national administrators that has led to low game attendance at stadiums; underrated referees for global tournaments; neglect of our local leagues; disregard for local...
7 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Who could have been Cain's wife? Part 2 earlier statement referring to the Bible as the only original and credible source of information of history of human creation and history of how man dispersed into all places known as universe stands. I was talking about a single volume compilation,...
8 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Nigerian Mentality: The relationship between Yar'Adua and Nwankwo Kanu
Nwankwo Kanu is another Nigerian Yar'Adua in the sports arena. All over the Internet, reasonable people are talking about his age, fitness, and his greatly diminished value. Sports commentators are saying he must be about 42, his coach at Portsmouth jokes...
9 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - How black people can build economic and political wealth
So instead of waiting for others to determine when we get hired, fired, promoted, or our salaries, we can hire our children and students to produce the goods, manage the distribution, and become customer services experts even at moderate pay. Remember,...
10 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Why black people do not see the big picture
Nigerians and the Black race fail to realize that their role in the current scheme of things on a global scale is to be a cheap and free laborer that generates wealth for Europeans and Arabs. It has gotten so bad that we no longer have to pretend to or...

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