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1 Nigeria World -- All About Nigeria News Headlines Articles and Culture
Daily news updates, viewpoints, feature articles and essays on Nigeria, Africa and the world in general, from a Nigerian perspective.
2 There is a Strong Case for a Nigerian Igbo President
The Igbos were some of the prominent vanguards of the struggle for Nigeria's independence. Igbo economic contributions outside their homeland are a testament to their faith in Nigeria.
3 Travel Advisory for Nigerians
If you suffer grave harm abroad, summoning the ambassador for a 'chat' is unlikely to undo your harm. Strive to maintain a realist understanding of your significance Vis--vis others you encounter. See clearly where you are and feel the truth about your...
4 Stop the embers of ethnic tension from igniting into an inferno
Anyone closely following the security situation in Nigeria does not need to read Obasanjo's letter to get the sense that Nigeria is slithering into the tipping point of an ethnic inferno.
5 Nigeria - It's time to heal the nation
To commence your second term, you should move swiftly to ensure that those who oppose your corruption-fighting agenda do not hijack the legislature as was the case in your first term.
6 Nigeria - Democracy and politics without ideology
Politics in Nigeria is rooted in the unrestrained pursuit of power and money. The political class, lacking conviction or an ideological foundation seek political office as the easiest path to wealth.
7 Nigeria's political oracle (Obasanjo) speaks again
Of all the points made the one that strengthens Obasanjos' call for President Buhari to 'dismount the horse' is the President's health. The others can be fixed with the human capacity for continuous learning.
8 Africa's leadership crisis and the question of "Age"
Africans who led their countries to independence came to power bursting with hope for a better future for their citizens. But the task of reforming poor, undeveloped, inefficient governments and civil codes to stir their nations to a prosperous future...
9 Leading positive change in Africa
We are surrounded by change that bears on our lives in ways never thought possible.
10 Tribute to Every Day Nigerians
In the last four years, Nigerians have suffered one of the worst economic crises in her 57-year history.

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