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61 Nigeria Versus Cameroun: The "Indomitable Lions" of Cameroun are beatable!
It is yet another clash of the titans; a clash between two African power houses in soccer. Two countries with a rich and beautiful history in soccer and with a history of intense rivalry between them, in soccer.
62 Remembering Coach Kashimawo Laloko
He was the coach of the highly successful ST. Gregory's college soccer team, in the late seventies (my alma mater). ... Coach Laloko went about his job with dexterity. ... won the Lagos state "Principal's cup competition", [in] 1978, 1979, 1981 and 1982.
63 Courageous Flying Eagles of Nigeria crash out of the Under-20 World Cup competition
At that stage of soccer competition, a lack of self -confidence can be inimical to a team's chances of success! The Flying Eagles certainly, were not confident enough on the ball!!!!!
64 The 'hornets' should please steer clear of Coach Rohr's job!
the 'dreamer' or 'dreaming' coaches should please forget about their Nigerian ambitions for now and may be come back in 2022. ... Hiring those coaches again, regardless of their pedigree, would most likely not augur well for Nigeria.
65 Why the English must, more than ever before, be patient (They are almost there)!
It was their first final match in a major tournament since 1966! And on home soil for that matter! The setting was thus perfect for another victory after 55 long years!
66 Super Eagles of Nigeria shoot-out the impressive "Indomitable Lions" of Cameroun, in a thrilling encounter !!!!!!!
...raised their game from the performance of the first round. They give one the impression that they are gradually getting to their peak; this portends well for the team, for Nigerians and all other Super Eagles' supporters, as the competition gets to the...
67 The passing of Yisa Shofoluwe "Show-for-Luwe", alias the "Dean of Defence"!
Yisa Shofoluwe's debut match for the Super Eagles of Nigeria against Ghana, in 1983, in Kaduna, in a 1984 Nations' cup qualifier, made him an instant hit for the Super Eagles of Nigeria! He was the "man -of -the match"!
68 Super Eagles of Nigeria fly into the semi-finals of AFCON 2019, leaving the stubborn "Bafana-Bafana" of South-Africa stumbling in their wake!
It was an epic battle of two titans of African soccer. ... A team that eliminated the hosts; a team of the calibre of Egypt, cannot but be classified as a titan of African soccer!
69 Adieu Joe Erico
Joe Erico, through his performances as a player and coach and through his contributions as a soccer analyst, certainly, etched his name in the annals of Nigerian soccer history, as one of the true soccer greats of Nigeria!
70 Super Eagles of Nigeria manage a narrow victory against the battling "Swallows" of Burundi!
...battling against a Burundian team, rated the lowest of all participating teams at the nations' cup tournament, and managing to eek out a lone goal victory, was certainly not good enough for the three-time African champions, with their array of talented...

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