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121 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Super Eagles of Nigeria: A goalless draw against Mexico is certainly not a bad way to start World Cup preparations
Talking about the newly invited players, one that struck my fancy was and is still is: Leon Balogun. The highly patriotic, half cast, 'second' bundesliga - playing central defender cum right full -back sensation. Apart from the fact that Leon Balogun,...
122 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Albert Onyeawuna: A Nigerian soccer legend, Adieu!
I learnt with sorrow, news of the death of Albert Onyeawuna; a Nigerian soccer legend. Yours sincerely, was not yet on this planet, when the legendary Albert Onyeawuna, played for the 'Red Devils,' the precursor of the present day 'Super Eagles.' He played...
123 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Nigeria versus France: Hold Valbuena, hold France!
One wouldn't advocate a man-marking of Valbuena, by a particular player, that could be dangerous, as by so doing, the 'police man' player could run the risk of collecting a yellow or red card; also over concentration on Valbuena, would 'free' the other...
124 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Before Brazil 2014: A critical review of the latest Super Eagles Friendly matches
To say the least the Super Eagles have been unimpressive in the above mentioned friendly matches. After the match against Scotland, one attributed the relatively unimpressive performance to the use of experimental players.But after the matches against...
125 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Welcome back home, super great heroes of Nigeria!
Those Nigerians who were disappointed the Super Eagles didn't go further, should temper their disappointment with the realisation that the team were assembled from the scratch some thirty-two months ago, by the Coach Keshi-led technical crew. ... at a time...
126 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Nigeria: Going forward after World Cup 2014
I totally agree that this was indeed our best tactical performance in the World Cup. Our last success (getting to the final 16, 16yrs ago) was primarily based on talent and guts, this one showcased us a team that can tactically compete once some basic...
127 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Super Eagles of Nigeria: A successfull chan outing, regardless!
The CHAN championship, apart from exposing our locally based players to big time competition, would also, expose them to better deals from foreign clubsides wanting their services; as they would be better appreciated and thus valued; as oppossed to the...
128 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Moses Otolorin: "Mr. Long Throw," "Oto;" Adieu!
The long throws, gave Nigerian teams, unprecedented advantages over their African opponents. A long throw very close to the opponents' vital area, was almost as good as a penalty, awarded to a Nigerian team, of the seventies and eighties. Moses Otolorin,...
129 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Godwin Eke: Adieu!
My earliest and fondest memories of Godwin Eke date back to the early eighties, when he was a student of Trinity secondary school, Olodi, Apapa, Lagos. He was a very good school boy footballer who played in the first team of the school's soccer team; that...
130 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Chelsea 2 PSG 0: Who made the difference?
Jose Mourinho did. Over the two legs, Chelsea were not really better than PSG ; but are in the semi-finals, thanks to the tactical ingenuity of Coach Mourinho! What did he exactly do?

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