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11 Super Eagles of Nigeria fly into the semi-finals of AFCON 2019, leaving the stubborn "Bafana-Bafana" of South-Africa stumbling in their wake!
It was an epic battle of two titans of African soccer. ... A team that eliminated the hosts; a team of the calibre of Egypt, cannot but be classified as a titan of African soccer!
12 Nigeria Versus South-Africa: The Super Eagles can get past the "Bafana-Bafana"!
The South-Africans are gradually getting to the top of their game once again, and are gradually nearing the standards of the 1996 and 1998 teams that were African champions and Vice-champions respectively. They will certainly provide a good measure of...
13 Super Eagles of Nigeria shoot-out the impressive "Indomitable Lions" of Cameroun, in a thrilling encounter !!!!!!!
...raised their game from the performance of the first round. They give one the impression that they are gradually getting to their peak; this portends well for the team, for Nigerians and all other Super Eagles' supporters, as the competition gets to the...
14 Nigeria Versus Cameroun: The "Indomitable Lions" of Cameroun are beatable!
It is yet another clash of the titans; a clash between two African power houses in soccer. Two countries with a rich and beautiful history in soccer and with a history of intense rivalry between them, in soccer.
15 The Super Eagles of Nigeria have been unconvincing so far!
How are the mighty fallen? Why did this happen to the Super Eagles in the match- up against Madagascar? Why have the Super Eagles been unconvincing so far in the AFCON 2019?
16 Super Eagles of Nigeria cruise into the knock-out phase of the 2019 Nations' Cup competition!
It was indeed a revamped Super Eagles of Nigeria, in comparison with the team that played Burundi, in the opening group's match. The team was revamped not only in terms of the substituted players ... but also in terms of the style of play.
17 Super Eagles of Nigeria manage a narrow victory against the battling "Swallows" of Burundi!
...battling against a Burundian team, rated the lowest of all participating teams at the nations' cup tournament, and managing to eek out a lone goal victory, was certainly not good enough for the three-time African champions, with their array of talented...
18 Super Eagles of Nigeria battle the impressive "Warriors" of Zimbabwe to a goalless draw, in Asaba
It was indeed a thrilling encounter notwithstanding the 'obstacles': an inclement weather condition, it rained buckets for all of ninety minutes; a friendly match situation, before a major tournament, none of the players wanted injuries....
19 Courageous Flying Eagles of Nigeria crash out of the Under-20 World Cup competition
At that stage of soccer competition, a lack of self -confidence can be inimical to a team's chances of success! The Flying Eagles certainly, were not confident enough on the ball!!!!!
20 Flying Eagles of Nigeria scrape into the knock-out stage of the Under-20 World Cup competition
It was clear the Nigerian coach learnt a thing or two from the lost match to the USA. He made the needed re-adjustments in the team.

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