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61 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Treatise on Igbo Exile and Diaspora
Igbo Diaspora bears close similarity with Jewish Diaspora: both are a product of conquest and defeat resulting in the mass uprooting and transplanting of the affected population. Diaspora has a recent origin in the lexicon of modern languages in relation...
62 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Kingship in Igbo land: Our past as prelude
The aim here is to find out for ourselves if Nd’Igbo were once ruled by one-man king, or not. Coming to terms with these facts will help us understand our place in the political timetable of the twenty-first century and, by so doing, stand a better chance...
63 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - On homosexuality: Black consciousness perspective
For blacks not to hate their God they must part ways with white theologians who distort His essence with their racist interpretation of the Bible. Anyone who must save or destroy black people by deemphasizing religion will never succeed. Racists know this...
64 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Language and violence: Reflections on xenophobic South Africa
In South Africa today poor whites unable to cope with privatization and a rapacious economy are moving into squatter camps with tears in their eyes. This is unacceptable. The African National Congress must arrest this growing disenchantment.

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