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51 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Abortion and the seductive temptress: Black Woman in Western Historiography - 2
I say it was a good thing that my gentle uncle went to his grave believing in the altruism of the missionary. Seeing the same Old Devil preaching homosexuality today would have shattered the very last of my uncle’s illusion. But the morale of my story...
52 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Abortion and the seductive temptress: Black Woman in Western Historiography
Question black kids in the West, Caribbean, Brazil and Southern Africa about the persons they live with. Their answers will be, “My gogo” (my grandmother), in the case of South Africa or “Mum,” elsewhere. You will never hear these kids mention their...
53 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - NDDC in the twilight
Before this quarter runs out the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) is expected to die a natural death as a result of financial asphyxiation or meet a brutal end at the hands of those who rightly saw it as an unwelcome distraction in the...
54 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Limits of non-violence
Why are black people so gullible, always parroting phrases without first interrogating their deeper meanings. Lucas Mangope and Mangosuthu Buthelezi made the same mistake. By allowing whites to sell them the idea of “black homeland” or “Bantustan,” total...
55 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - MEND: The ballot option
In the heat of the 2009 Oil War MEND suddenly changed tactics. In a well-argued document it challenged the invading soldiers to conclude for themselves if the corrupt and insensitive cabal dragging the country to the precipice was worth defending. It...
56 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Man and his ''Chi'': The Igbo of West Africa
A Paper Presented by Chigachi Eke, Secretary, Research and Planning Committee of Ohaneze Ndigbo of South Africa, on African Day Celebration Organised by the Randfontein Local Municipality, Gauteng, Republic of South Africa, 23rd of May 2009.
57 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Introduction to Chika Onyeani's ''Capitalist Nigger''
I have always felt that an alternative introduction to Chika Onyeani's ''Capitalist Nigger'' would stimulate different readings. But the author himself gave us an introduction to his work; an introduction I honestly believe did not do justice to the book....
58 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - An oppressed Igbo replies Eze CI Ilomuanya
I am completely against our royal fathers, led by the esteemed Eze CI Ilomuanya, going to Kaduna to tell northern emirs to ban and flush out Ezes Nd’Igbo from their emirates. I have my strong reasons.
59 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Fanon, Biko, Onyeani and the politics of space
There’s a common ground between Franz Fanon, Steve Biko and Chika Onyeani in their engagement of Slave/Master dialectics, or psychology of oppression. You begin to notice a preponderance of harmony in their works too similar for coincidence.
60 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Igbo lives in South Africa: 2009 Annual Report by the Presidential Panel of Ohaneze Ndigbo South Africa (Edited Version)
On June 2009 Chief Baldwin Obasi, President of Ohaneze Ndigbo South Africa, commissioned a panel on Ndigbo in the Republic of South Africa. This report is a product of that mandate. It covers Igbo communities in the nine provinces of South Africa, namely,...

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