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81 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The Nigeria – China trade deal …Bandage or panacea for Naira stability?
Nigeria is not the first country to engage in such a direct currency swap arrangement with China, neither is bilateral trade agreements or currency swaps new in the global arena. ... it is safe to say that bilateral trade agreements and direct settlements...
82 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Money everywhere ...But not enough to invest in infrastructure
In the midst of this huge capital base, Nigeria remains acutely deficient in domestic financial savings and long term capital to invest in infrastructure that could unlock the potential of the economy, create jobs, accelerate growth and improve life for...
83 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - What a Health Care System? …Nigeria’s medicine and strain on human capital
The wealth of a nation, they say is its health, and given the current state of health care in the country, you can only conclude that Nigeria is damn poor in that regard. The system is composed of decrepit health facilities and comatose medical...
84 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Nigeria's post-electoral violence ...Where is the outrage?
After reading the recent remarks of Nasir El Rufai at the Atlantic Club in Washington DC, I can't help but disagree with some of his lopsided postulations on the outcome of the Presidential elections that has been adjudged as relatively free and fair by...
85 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Striving for zero tolerance ...Towards sanitizing and sustaining a graft-free economic environment
Some will argue that every society is corrupt and therefore Nigeria should not be singled-out for scrutiny.... True, but that experience in the US is far and in between - the crux of the matter is when you cause your every-action to become questionable to...
86 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Trickle-Down Economics ...How much longer before gains of reform reach the grassroots?
A coherent strategy for tackling perennial socio-economic problems in Nigeria should be an inclusive ''bottom-up'' approach. Pent-up frustration amongst ordinary citizens is cause for concern that might well jeopardize recent gains. At the most uneventful...
87 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The untold secret of Nigeria's economic rise ...Why this time is quite auspacious
It is obvious that General Buhari is a man that never gives up, until he gets what he wants. This is reflected in his persistent contest of presidential elections for the fourth time now, until he succeeded in edging out his opponent. Some of us would want...
88 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - One-Point Agenda for Nigeria …Why Seven-Point Agenda, when one is enough challenge?
How hard is it to understand that most of the issues described in the seven-point agenda revolve around this one-point – Electricity. Even in the worst of circumstances, Nigeria remains one of the 40 largest economies in the world and has logged an...
89 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Nation building ...Not for the faint of heart, nor a cake walk
Essentially, most ethnic groups today in Nigeria are better off together than separately. There is widespread believe around political and economic circles internationally, that except for South Africa, if any black country would ever develop, the country...
90 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Aligning investor-expectations with market realities in the Nigerian environment
The Nigerian capital market has been on a bull-run over the last 5 years whereas the advanced markets have floundered. Statistics by the IFC adjudged the NSE as one of the best performing amongst all others around the globe, posting consistent double-digit...

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