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71 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Nigeria on the throes of socio-political crisis …Can it ever change?
Indeed whichever direction Lagos heads is where Nigeria might go. Therefore, assuming more states and indeed the federal government will borrow a cue and do little bit, one step at a time like; fixing power shortages, rebuilding broken infrastructure,...
72 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Nigeria - A top twenty economy in twenty years …Wishful thinking or realistic prognosis?
The track record of emerging markets like China, India or Brazil should be a good benchmark for Nigeria and indeed Africa. That experience is showing a road map on how countries in this millennium would leapfrog their way out of backwardness through the...
73 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Africa – The two percent economy …Why so, how can it change?
Even critics abroad openly acknowledge that Africa is a continent waiting to take-off. My fear is that such dreams might never be actualized in the foreseeable future with the kind of lack luster experience we have seen in Nigeria during the last 2-3...
74 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Who can deliver economic dividends? Random thoughts on leadership challenges in Nigeria
The current situation in Nigeria reminds you of pre-1999 after demise of President Abacha and emergence of transition government led by General Abdulsalam Abubakar. The situation today leaves Nigeria very limited choice and little room for error. It does...
75 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - From pillar to post …Where is the ground-breaking 7-point economic agenda?
How long do people have to wait before the basic dividends of democracy (affordable housing, jobs, accessible healthcare, clean water, electricity etc) reach their doorsteps? Moreso is the administration tactfully analyzing how the world economy is...
76 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - To be, or not? ...Decoding Nigeria's Survival Index and Growth Path
The last census figures when published will buttress certain demographic assumptions about Nigeria; that, after forty years of co-habiting the geographic expanse called Nigeria, people have continuously been integrating, that a growing portion of...
77 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Bridging the cultural divide between Africa and the African Diaspora
Despite the fact that no one is born or breed to hate themselves or their kind, experience shows that, some times as Africans in the Diaspora attain higher level of economic success and climb the social ladder, they gradually start to lose consciousness of...
78 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Book Review: Addressing the inequality of minority communities ...The Niger Delta Case
Since the discovery of crude oil by Shell BP in a little village called Oloibiri in 1958, Nigeria has earned well over $250bn from oil exports, but life has never been the same for the indigenous communities around the Niger Delta region - their conditions...
79 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Power & Infrastructure sector in Nigeria ...The weakest link in the productivity value chain
As the largest gas-flaring nation on earth, research estimates that 2.5 billion standard cubic feet of gas is burnt daily in Nigeria. Equivalent to the total gas consumption of Pakistan or 25% of UK gas consumption. This flaring represents an annual...
80 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Economic imperative and political pluralism in Africa ...A case for moderation and realism in governance
If you ask me, the worst democratic system is better than the best military dictatorship, but when democracy and pluralism fail to yield positive consequences, then its desirability and purpose is called to question, like in Nigeria....

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