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121 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - National Economic Empowerment & Development Strategy (NEEDS) ...Analysis, Perspectives and Challenges
During the recent council of ministers meeting in Abuja, a new economic agenda for Nigeria with a unique acronym – NEEDS was adopted. The most we can say for now is - Déjà vu, because looking at the maze of intractable problems facing the country a sound...
122 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Policy foundation for affordable housing in Nigeria ...Role of the Secondary Mortgage Market
By some estimates, new housing construction in Nigeria is about 10,000 units a year. To meet ever-growing demand, the country needs ten times more or at least 100,000 new housing units annually.
123 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Attracting Intellectual Capital and Foreign Investments from Nigerians in the Diaspora
Enact a ''Nigerian Diaspora Homeland Investment Act'' (NIDO ACT) - to motivate Nigerians to invest back home by creating Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) or acquire shares of newly privatized companies already (or yet to be) listed at the NSE to...
124 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) as critical growth engines
For SMEs to thrive in Nigeria, our mindset must now shift from conventional worker or contractor mentality to entrepreneur/value-creator mentality. You don't need rocket scientists to make things happen in Nigeria.
125 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Nigerian privatization share purchase scheme
We should never expect to implement a flawless scheme, none-the-less, if Nigeria remains committed to a creative economic reform package, the Share Purchase Scheme and privatization program (being two of such measures) would provide stimuli for market...

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