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11 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - …Why investing in emerging markets is a moral imperative that makes business sense
Newly industrializing countries in Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America will be the growth drivers in coming years as prognoses indicate, within those markets lay untapped potentials. Various policies by respective countries have given rise to...
12 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Economic logic for higher derivation revenue …Why States deserve more money and higher responsibilities
In Nigeria – politicians at the center have abrogated to themselves all manners of power and authority, to make laws and distribute wealth. If this were not the case, I will challenge you that the country might have progressed faster without widespread...
13 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Good bye Reaganomics, welcome Obamanomics ...Why Obama’s economic strategies make sense for US future
The American dream is built on equal opportunity as well as access to capital, and fair amount of financial incentives for those who deserve it. ... “Goodbye yesterday, welcome today I've been waiting for a long long time, goodbye yesterday, welcome today,...
14 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Niger Delta imbroglio …The albatross of Nigeria’s economic renaissance
Just when you thought Nigeria might be turning the corner, it is faced with a serious quandary that could negatively impact the reform package. This scenario could be likened to a Bee that perches on your nose; you have to be careful in swatting the Bee in...
15 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Now that the die is cast …What does the future portend with Obama?
History is replete with lessons of how struggle for justice, freedom and equality were fanned by events in far-flung lands but yielded lasting impact in other places. African nationalists for instance were emboldened in their quest for political...
16 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Global financial crisis …How vulnerable are emerging market countries?
Emerging market countries that feature within the ranks of “least vulnerable” are less leveraged (not surprising), than developed and “more vulnerable” ones. What does this tell us in simple terms or in a “new world order”? - That the more financially...
17 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Borrow-and-spend binge …Is public finance crisis looming in Nigeria?
There’s a wise saying that “he that goes a-borrowing goes a-sorrowing”. That might be the woeful tale for Nigeria soon if its financial activities are not handled with utmost caution. The drumbeats of criticism and sharp focus on fiscal policy in political...
18 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Free-market gone wild …Can President-Elect Obama fix it?
These uncertain times call to question how domestic and international financial systems (and indeed free-market interactions) have evolved thus far. Death of communism in the late 1980s in the former Soviet Union might have heralded the triumph of...
19 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Bankers, step up or move on! …Nigerian banking reform, a new vista for the capital market
Look closer and you would notice that the current spate of consolidation and re-capitalization drive occasioned by this singular policy pronouncement, rightly or not is injecting a new dose of vibrancy into the Nigerian capital market.
20 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - …What happens in Nigeria, when the oil wells run dry?
The ecological repercussion of current oil exploration and production activities on the country.... Scientific evidence suggests an increase in seismic activities, pollution and diseases in areas of unrestrained and prolonged oil exploration and gas...

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