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81 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Tears of nostalgia (Poem)
I yearn not for the conflagration; consuming my country now; but for the time, long gone; which our today’s red horizon cannot recapture,; as omens and portends abound; and hell seems empty; and all its dwellers relocated to my country,; playing political...
82 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The Bullfighter of Seville (Poem)
And there he stands, alone inside the arena,;adorned with silk jacket;ornamented with gold-coloured stuff,;tight pant and biacorne hat to match.;A daring and hardheaded folk;who views his assignment as dangerous;but not impossible to accomplish.; He should...
83 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The chicken & the kite (Poem)
In my sleepy village,; chickens move freely; instead of being confined to the coop; and be fed with chicken feeds.; Free from criminal record; villagers see no reason to define them as chained gangs; and to house them in what looks like a huge prison...
84 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - "Boko Haram sect is over": Propaganda or prediction?
While the statements of the Sultan and Gov. Shettima may only be a political construct couched in a prophetic style, its demerit is that it raised false hope, and far removed from reality on the ground. Analysis of the political situation swirling around...
85 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Future Probability: Sacrament of matrimony with our close cousins – Apes
The title of this piece would make one pass a quick verdict that the author may have sipped something strong, probably Vodka. Others might think that at the time of putting my thoughts to paper I was under the bout of perceptional disorder or cognitive...
86 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Gold Casket for Dim Ojukwu
It was stated that ''Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu would be buried in an American gold mixed with bronze casket.'' I am inclined to believe that it was not his wish. Rather, the decision may have been borne out of love for what he stood for and as a...
87 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - ECOWAS and the political situation in Mali
Of all the military coups that had occurred recently in West African sub-region, that of Mali is not only markedly complex but frightening. ... There are two most difficult challenges for ECOWAS in Mali. First, when one hears about Tuareg demand for...
88 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Road to cul-de-sac? (Poem)
In Kano we skirt the bloody piles of the dead; as darkness shines upon the city.; In Bauchi, we are thirsty,; but cannot drink from the bubbling brooks; where fighters have washed the swords; and arrows of blood.
89 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - RE: Time to restructure the Nigerian police
Our policy makers are afraid that restructuring the police force in a decentralised federal system will play into the hands of state governors. There is the fear that state governors will use the police as a coercive apparatus to achieve their selfish...
90 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Subsidy Removal: The flaw in its economic algebra
Nigerians will bear without murmurs, any form of collective sacrifice that will salvage and uplift the nation from the marshes. Unfortunately, in the case of subsidy removal, we note with dismay that the demanded national sacrifice has a zero-some verdict....

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