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71 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Eagle, leadership, and process of justice: A story
Okpoko is a bird whose head is odd and abnormally large. Other birds of the air frequently teased him and made disparaging remarks about his appearance. They did so with intent to hurt his feelings and to provoke him into a fight he could not win for they...
72 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Chinua Achebe: A Song of Farewell (Poem)
Parting is painful.; True, your exit has declared a season for grief.; Sad at heart ; But cannot drown my sorrow with palm wine; Instead of tears, ; Perennial as the nightingale’s sad songs; I offer a libation of wine to your departing soul,; And chant...
73 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The gun & the freedom (Poem)
Although it’s better to die in the battle ; for freedom than live in chains. ; But can secured freedom impact a positive gain ; if it becomes a loose cannon, refuses to be husbanded by reason ; and to share the same roof with restraints?
74 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Nigerian Super Eagles (Poem)
Released by the nation like the eagle; and requested to return home ; with glowing gold of glory of honour.; And to carry the trophy ; with your gripping talon and clasping claws,; an action that befits the name ; you have chosen to wear.
75 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - A tribute to Nelson Mandela (Poem)
Do we now dissect your tribulations?; Poetry, though a communicative art ; is so short a ladder to scale your height,; but I have no other means ; than to paint your worth with words.; Thou pretty old soul who made hell a home; ; won victory through...
76 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Nigeria’s 2015 Presidential Election: Red flag and heightened fear
It will be difficult for democracy to protect the integrity of the election. There is the possibility that candidates who perceive themselves as not likely to win, would be those who will ferment disorder in their local areas and even beyond in order to...
77 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Mrs Obama: That speech was stirring and brilliant
But in her Democratic National Convention delivered recently in Charlotte, North Carolina, appealing to the American voters to reelect her husband, Mrs Obama broke rank with the vitriolic mudslinging common in the US politics and charted her own path. Her...
78 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Beautiful Sahara Desert (Poem)
But nothing is as it seems in the Sahara.; Its beautiful ridges and sand dunes; Constructed by the invisible hands of the wind; Form a marvellous architectural design.; For the eyes to feast on.; Its oasis is a lush paradise sandwiched; Between the arid...
79 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - ”There was a Country” and its critics (Poem)
Remember: There is no way; you can dissect the subject of putrefaction; and that of obnoxious miasma graphically; without provoking the hormone; that produces nausea. Achebe knew,; before he organised his memoirs; and put his pen to paper,; the storm-in-a...
80 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Dilapidated (Poem)
Far from grotesque exaggeration, ; Heaven is easy to climb with ladder; than traveling down the road from my village to the next. ; Two villages near but far to reach. What a hazardous journey! ; Scary, gaping potholes and bumps ; Have made the length and...

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