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21 Road to the castle (Poem)
The campaign promise; of tarring dilapidated roads; with a mixture of asphalt and gold; must now give way; to ballot box stuffing; and other chicanery.
22 Anthills (Poem)
A feat accomplished; by creatures determined,; and focused to the core; than human sluggard.
23 The return of the elephants
There is a saying that when elephants fight, the grass bears the brunt, and when the same elephants make love, the grass still suffers.
24 Harmattan (Poem)
What dry awful wind; that comes with terrible whirlwind ; is here with us. ; Has the reputation ; of blanketing visions ; of citizens with dust particles, ; showing no respect and regard ; for all and sundry.
Chill did envelope my whole spine,; as the frightened creature fled; and later; staged a comeback.
26 Rose (Poem)
Then the query: With elegant wine cup in hand, ; and a fixed gaze at the rose,; I ask: Rose, what do you symbolize? ; Beautiful, sweet scented, but you have thorns, ; sharp pointed thorns that hurt. ; A mixture of fair and foul?
27 Oil bean salad (Poem) -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
It is still a widowed dish,; with no husband,; when placed on the dinning table,; until the palm is reminded; that both are twosome.
28 NigeriaWorld Writers (Augustine C. Ohanwe) Nigeriaworld&Match 1&Terms Augustine+Ohanwe&Rank 1
29 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Full moon ritual (Poem)
And seven virgins of easy-grace; emerge from the tree canopy,; all dressed in raffia skirts,; rabbit-fur head gears; and necklaces of cowries.; Their bodies titillate,; buttocks wiggle,; breasts and waists sway; in rhythm with the tom tom drum playing.
30 Slavery and Servitude (Poem) -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
They sleep in order to forget. ; We have robbed them ; their rights and privileges, ; and they have nothing to inherit. ; Is hell a place or a state of mind? ; Whichever ; our citizens in Libya ; are swirling in hell.

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