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121 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Africa: Omenala approach to its Conflict Resolution
Should the MDC win after the ongoing recount of votes it must assure the international community that it will not inaugurate the politics of revenge as Samuel Doe of Liberia did when he came to power. Mugabe and his top advisers should feel free and safe...
122 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Anti-Ibo sentiments: Sunny Chris Okenwa's dimension
It is only when the mind is purged out of these negative emotions [ethnic prejudice or hatred] that it could produce a balanced and constructive criticism which will be beneficial to the policy makers and observers. Hate and reason can not dwell side by...
123 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Nigeria's national interest under analysis
No nation has the right to interfere in another sovereign state's judicial system. But in Tochi's case, Nigeria reserves the right to register her dissatisfaction and to defend the right of its citizens abroad...where inadequate legal...
124 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Is a new Cold War in the offing? If so which way will Africa toe?
Africa states served as satellite states and fought proxy wars for the two superpowers during the cold war. It was dumped after the end of the cold war having served its purpose and outlived its usefulness. The prevailing geopolitical configuration wears a...
125 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Migration of Africans to Europe: Result of Global Warming, unjust economic system and corrupt governace
All the mentioned factors are herculian in nature and Africans feel powerless to redress their adverse impacts and their governments are not in the mood to mitigate the effects of these factors to their farmers and local industrialists; migration...
126 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - African Union and the Darfur situation
AU was not expected to walk in the shadow of its predeccessor but to chart a new compass that sees through the prism of post-Cold War realities. But its recent pronouncement that it would leave Darfur at the end of September 2006, at the insistence of the...
127 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The need for a strong civil society in Nigeria
Civil society organisations in Nigeria need proper coodination and focus in matters of great public concern, particularly access to information instead of peddling on rumours and hearsay. Access to information is operational in any democratic dispensation...
128 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Beyoncé's visit to Nigeria: What she missed
The people who hosted her never realised that the Afikpo women dancing troupe popularly known as ''Nkwaumuagbogho'' would have mesmerised Beyoncé to the core of her bone. The young Afikpo women, some of them of her age could have offered her some vital...
129 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Invocation of God for political end
In a system of government where theocracy is practised invocation of God is a welcome idea. But in a secular state such as Nigeria political leaders should be careful in their invocation of God for their political end.
130 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Sword of Domocles?
President Obasanjo has accomplished a lot compared to his predecsssors. The Niger Delta issue demands his urgent attention. It should not be left for the passage of time to solve. Nigeria is unfortunate to have oil as its main source of revenue. Should the...

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