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11 UKRAINE (Poem)
A regional conflict, methinks, ;but has the potential ;to metamorphose into a global conflict
12 The blacksmith’s shed at Awka (Poem)
His hammering generates unique metal melody; that soothes the pain of the bleeding metal.
13 The trending scenario (Poem)
Aggressive storm; overwhelms the ocean around my country,; causing turbulent waves to rise and rage,; while dark cloud billows across the region.
14 Let not the vultures gather (Poem)
We see gods adorned with raffia skirts; and helmet made of tortoise shell,; as they dance around in circle and jeer at us.
15 The elite commandos rescue operation in Nigeria: A breach of Article 2(4) of the United Nations Charter?
Opinions pertaining to the rescue operation in Nigerian soil differ sharply, and these differences have a great impact on our evaluation of the US rescue operation within the geographical territory called Nigeria.
16 A plague of virus or bacteria warfare? (Poem)
A creature with no ground troop or military equipment,; no command of naval and air powers,; yet it has grounded the entire world to a standstill.; A soldiering virus that know no boundary.
17 South Africa and xenophobic culture
South Africa has abdicated the empire of reason and descended into the sickening level of biting the fingers that once fed her. It has drawn a battle line with the country that played a vanguard role in releasing her from the hideous shackles of...
18 An evening walk with Buktu (Poem)
The powerful sun has just set, but it’s not yet fully dark.; The sky still maintains its afterglow ; and tints the forest landscape with a beautiful monochrome.
19 Atomic God (Poem)
Science, what a wonderful religion!; Proud to be one of its largest congregations. ; Physicists are our infallible high priests, ; and proton, neutron and electron our archangels.
20 Sitting by the forest brook (Poem)
All objects in nature do speak,; all in their diverse languages, ; difficult if not impossible for; the finite brain to grasp.

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