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1 South Africa and xenophobic culture
South Africa has abdicated the empire of reason and descended into the sickening level of biting the fingers that once fed her. It has drawn a battle line with the country that played a vanguard role in releasing her from the hideous shackles of...
2 An evening walk with Buktu (Poem)
The powerful sun has just set, but it’s not yet fully dark.; The sky still maintains its afterglow ; and tints the forest landscape with a beautiful monochrome.
3 Atomic God (Poem)
Science, what a wonderful religion!; Proud to be one of its largest congregations. ; Physicists are our infallible high priests, ; and proton, neutron and electron our archangels.
4 Sitting by the forest brook (Poem)
All objects in nature do speak,; all in their diverse languages, ; difficult if not impossible for; the finite brain to grasp.
5 The blacksmith’s shed (Poem)
He plunges it into a basin of cold water; with intent to temper it for good. ; I watch his craft of heating, ; beating and tempering ; until the desired shape is achieved.
6 Poetry of Election
Democracy, in its cool mien,; stood still and watched, ; while the crushing waves ; of our election ; swept across the nation.
7 Road to the castle (Poem)
The campaign promise; of tarring dilapidated roads; with a mixture of asphalt and gold; must now give way; to ballot box stuffing; and other chicanery.
8 Anthills (Poem)
A feat accomplished; by creatures determined,; and focused to the core; than human sluggard.
9 The return of the elephants
There is a saying that when elephants fight, the grass bears the brunt, and when the same elephants make love, the grass still suffers.
10 Harmattan (Poem)
What dry awful wind; that comes with terrible whirlwind ; is here with us. ; Has the reputation ; of blanketing visions ; of citizens with dust particles, ; showing no respect and regard ; for all and sundry.

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