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81 Lessons from Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic
Expect many souls to come to God. I pray this Coronavirus pandemic will cause many souls to turn and give their lives to Christ. What the devil meant for evil, God will turn it around for his good.
82 Is Holines important?
Many so called ministers are living unholy lifestyles, doing fake miracles and they seem to be getting away with it. The crowd is there. Money is coming. Fame is growing. They have connections to the high and mighty in the society and in the government...
83 My month of flourishing
Believers are often likened to trees in Scripture.... Every human being desires to flourish but not all flourish. God's plan for humanity is to flourish. 'And God blessed them, and God said unto them, be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and...
84 Technical know-how for avoiding hell
What the Holy Spirit is saying today is, hell is real. Hell is not a good place. Hell is not a place to joke with. The Bible describes hell as a terrifying and horrible place. Hell is described as “eternal fire”....
85 Should we fight?
There are times when our pastors are offended and we as church members are tempted to fight. ... As he was ministering people were being slayed in the spirit and some were falling down. As I bent down to attend to one of them another church member, a lady,...
86 President Mohammed Buhari stop the killings
It is time that President Muhammed Buhari stops behaving like Emperor Nero of old who delighted in parties and fantasies while Rome burned. To stop these killings, I want to suggest four areas of immediate action to you Mr. President.
87 My Month of Discipleship
In the Christian parlance a true disciple will ask, 'What would Jesus do?' A disciple in the New Testament is simply a Christian....
88 Unity of purpose
Scarcely can you hear a sermon without the minister condemning, disparaging the other church. Can you imagine the confusion of a young believer....
89 2020: My Year of Greatness
Be ready to be great. Your greatness starts with hearing, watching or reading this message and applying it to areas in your life where it is needed. God wants you to be great, God wants you to prosper, God wants you to make impact in your generation, but...
90 The Blessing of Venison
This morning the Holy Spirit taught me what I think is the main focus of this story- the blessing synonymous with venison. The story of how eating venison provokes fatherly blessings.

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