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51 The humour of God against His enemies
What the Holy Spirit is saying is ... That God has plans for his children to get to where he wants them to be.
52 Our Month of Knowing God and Doing Exploits
We get to know Him by observing His ways of working. We get to know God as we see what He does and how He does it, and in this respect, we can only get to know Him gradually in the daily paths of practical experience....
53 Unique fearless pastors needed!
Pastors today want to associate with politicians and people in authority and covet their blessing and goods and refuse to tell them the truth.
54 Signs you are a man after Godís heart
So what are the characteristics or signs that David exhibited that qualified him, that if we also practice God can give us such a status.
55 You can overcome adultery!
Through the Holy Spirit if you are born again.
56 Our Month of New Beginnings
The spirit rules the world. The world is spiritual. The unseen forces and invincible world at times are more real than the physical. To have a new and successful new beginning, start with your creator.
57 Carry out your ministry
The world is aching because many people are not doing ministry or not doing it well!
58 Stop shopping around for false and fake gods!
Even when we the Christian Church is not shopping around for church the other gods are forcing themselves on us, encroaching the Christian space.
59 When will Holiness Matter?
Have you heard the saying, you can give, pray, do evangelism, worship, build a church and still go to hell?
60 My Month of Divine Visitation
Divine visitation is the process of bringing heaven down to overrule the powers of the enemy at work in our situation,...

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