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41 Do not perish!
Run to Jesus now. Like Zaccheus the tax collector, find a sycamore tree to climb to locate Jesus. Zaccheus could have said I am short that is why I could not see him.
42 Labourers are needed! (The 3-3-3 formula to the rescue)
So Jesus instructed his disciples to go and make sure there are labourers for this huge job of souls harvesting! He also made it easy for us to do it.
43 Who is with you?
Choose wisely who to marry, be sure the person is with Jesus, if he or she is not with Jesus donít go there. Find out who to do business with, if he or she is not with Jesus donít go there.
44 2021: My Year to Discover and Recover
God says many lives have been ravaged and raided by Coronavirus and all manner of diseases, in 2021 you shall recover lost grounds. God says He has a good plan for you.
45 What are you wearing?
Notice the way God was meticulous in telling Noah how to build the ark, the way he told Moses how to build the tabernacle is the way he was meticulous on what the high priest and priests should wear,
46 Who are you speaking for?
The critical issue is what are we saying, who are we speaking to and who are we speaking for? ... is what you are saying bringing comfort or discord.
47 My Month of Thanksgiving & Celebration
God loves people who appreciate him. When Jesus healed 10 lepers only one came back to thank him. ... While I am not against you celebrating on social media, I need to remind you it is God that has kept you alive, kept your marriages ....
48 You are an overcomer
If you read the two scriptures quoted [within] between the lines what you will come up with is that for you to overcome is not guess work, rather it is in-built, wired into you.
49 How to have Joy
They (joyful people) do not compromise with evil, and they walk only in his paths. Powerful. Joy is different from happiness.
50 Spiritual Therapy
I read that someone in Kenya had attended a church for about ten years, relocated to another country for about another ten years and wrote back to the pastor in Kenya to refund the tithes and offerings he had donated to the church!

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