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41 What are the dangers of not fearing God?
The Holy Spirit wants me to warn you to FEAR GOD! Not fearing God has dangerous consequences you don’t want to happen to you.
42 God is behind your troubles!
God pampers us so much like a mother pampers his children always that we have grown to believe that God will always do things that will make us emotionally happy or positive.
43 Favor has purpose
Find out how God favoured the biblical characters and extrapolate it to your life so that you will not waste God’s favour!
44 The duty to Care!
All categories of humanity from nation to nation, irrespective of race, gender and religion are hurting. Why?
45 Favoured to be an eagle
He wants to show you that it is not the Israelites in Egypt alone that God carried. He also carried you.
46 Biblical principles for long life
The bible, the manual for living a long and prosperous life, through many writers, gave us some of those principles and nuggets. Let us look at three of them.
47 Bad boy, bad boy, what you gonna do, what you gonna do, when they come for you, bad boy, bad boy?
In our contemporary era, the club of the bad boys has widened from nations to nations and territories to sundry climes....
48 Before you preach……!!
What the Holy Spirit is teaching us this morning is what it means to wash hands and feet before going to the altar to minister.
49 Who remembers good deeds!!? (Or live a scandal free life)
I am sure you know how many good deeds you have done for others to make their lives better. ... But the slightest mistake you make becomes headline news....
50 My Month of Freedom from Sin
We talk about bandits, kidnapping, murder, is that not sin? You are advised not to talk about sin to our youth. It is too stressful!

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