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21 Can rejection be a blessing?
Let us look at three people in the Bible that rejection pushed to fulfill destiny.
22 News -- Why I stoned Ondo Uber driver – Suspect confesses
HEADLINE | Posted: Saturday, April 22, 2023 Why I stoned Ondo Uber driver – Suspect confesses By Adekunle Dada 30-year-old painter, Amos Victor, has confessed to why he participated in the stoning to death of 25-year-old Uber driver, Temitayo Olorunfemi,...
23 My Month of Prosperity
God is interested in your being prosperous. The bible says that God takes pleasure in the prosperity of his servants.
24 Where are the genuine prophets in Nigeria?
The question I ask myself is must you prophecy? Is it by force you must tell the people what you saw or did not see?
25 Have you sold your soul to the devil?
Unknown to many in the cause of living their lives ... getting jobs and contracts, securing life partners ... indirectly sell their souls to the devil!
26 Are you mismanaging God’s resources?
God is watching your activities. God watching how you manage what he has given you.
27 News -- How we macheted man to death, sold his tricycle for N300,000 – Cousins
HEADLINE | Posted: Tuesday, March 7, 2023 How we macheted man to death, sold his tricycle for N300,000 – Cousins By Adekunle Dada Two cousins, Famoriyo Damilola, 34, and 31-year-old Akinbayo Emmanuel, have narrated how they macheted a man to death and...
28 Our month of praying through for breakthrough
The need for prayer is far greater than most of God's people realize, the need of the hour is powerful, persistent, passionate prayer.
29 Seek the True God
We are not all serving the same God. There is the true God and false gods, idols, parading themselves as God.
30 What are you becoming?
What are you doing that you ignore when you’re corrected? How do you respond or react to God’s message of warning when you know you are genuinely wrong?

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