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191 2018: My Year of Flourishing (1) - Nigeriaworld Feature Article
The word of the Lord to you this year is that you shall flourish. As the Lord speaks who does not lie, he who helped you to crossover to this year, says he will cause you to flourish in every direction.
192 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - My Month of Evangelism
God crossed hand to bless Ephraim but he took God for granted. Maybe you are successful in business, you are an A+ student, your marriage is great, your children are healthy and doing well in school, you have a big house, ride the best of cars but you...
193 How to deal with gates troubling The Church and Nigeria - Nigeriaworld Feature Article
When you periscope the global trends of Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria, Boko Haram in Nigeria, Al Qaeda, ISIS, Hezbollah, Hamas, Al-Shabaab and other terrorist organization targeting the church and Christians, persecuting the church, gathering against the...
194 February - My Month of Victory Over Sin (Part 1) - Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Wow, that is the great news of your new life style, the new status you and I have, sin is no more our Master, sin no more have dominion over us, Satan and his cohort do no more rule our lives to control us to sin. Satan has lost the battle at Golgotha -...
195 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - My year of Deliverance and Rest
Even the church that is suffering suffocation now, if they will listen to God and do his bidding, will experience a divine deliverance beyond their imagination. The synonyms of deliverance are: liberation, release, delivery, discharge, rescue, emancipation...
196 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Divine power in political leadership and prophecies
How the spiritual forces of good and evil clash on Earth? Whether you are a pastor, evangelist, missionary or any of the numerous titles and positions ordained by the Almighty God in His Eternal Words, the Holy Bible; you are a representative of a...
197 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The New Nigeria has come!
On March 28, 2015 Nigerians in their wisdom said no more to lack of development and to stealing and corruption whether they are the same or different.
198 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - My Month of Love (Love, the forgotten key)
There is an important spirit that is missing today among us as Christians, even as leaders, deacons, deaconesses, pastors and departmental leaders, that has affected the way we behave. One of the things I learnt as a young convert is that when you are born...
199 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - My Month of Prevailing Prayers
When a purpose is unknown abuse is inevitable. The church is praying but are we praying prevailing prayers? What is the purpose of prevailing prayer? ... Prayer with a wrong motive cannot prevail. ... If sin is regarded, prayer cannot prevail. ... An...
200 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Let the oligarchies, corrupters, thieves and abusers leave me alone - Mother Nigeria cries!
In 1979 we had one of such contestants for the presidency of Nigeria. They frustrated him. They used judiciary, rigging, mathematical calculation of 122/3 to derail the nation. When he died they ran to his widow and told us - the best president Nigeria...

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