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181 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - My Month of Developing the Spirit of Leadership
Parents spend so much to send their children to school from age 2 to 25, acquiring knowledge preparing them to become ‘leaders of tomorrow.’ Can you imagine what it costs globally to go to mosques on Friday and churches on Sunday to learn form the Quran...
182 Significance of the Blood of Christ (Part 1) -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Text of my Easter Broadcast on some Nigeria Radio Stations
183 2018 My Year of Flourishing (Part 2) - Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Whatever level you are at right now, if you desire to flourish, you need people. No man is an island. There's plenty of research pointing to the value of relationships for our happiness and well-being. After establishing a strong relationship with God,...
184 February - My Month of Victory Over Sin (Part 2) - Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Another thing that a person who has recognized the weakness of his flesh will do is: he will pray to God earnestly, for help. You see, prayer is an acknowledgement of weakness and seeking God for help. When do people usually pray, even worldly people?
185 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The Trump presidency
Even the church that is suffering suffocation now, if they will listen to God and do his bidding, will experience a divine deliverance beyond their imagination. The synonyms of deliverance are: liberation, release, delivery, discharge, rescue, emancipation...
186 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The shame of a nation!
The Dasukigate to me is the shame of a nation. ... Why are our leaders showing to the committee of nations that we are not capable of governing ourselves?
187 Change the status quo - Form a new formidable political party - Nigeriaworld Feature Article
I have watched from a distance the political landscape of Nigeria and using spiritual binoculars I have seen the trajectory that we are going and it is very intimidating unless something drastic is done.
188 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Pharaoh and his dream of lean cows and withered heads of grain
Unless the Josephs of the Christendom will come out of the prison, of the four walls of the church, to the public square and give bold, courageous and strategic leadership to the world, the postulated religions representing these deadly lean seven cows and...
189 Prophecies for 2018- My Year of flourishing - Nigeriaworld Feature Article
God says he has an agenda for bringing Trump to power. 'Trump is my trump card and he cannot be removed until he has achieved the purpose I brought him to power.'
190 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Prayer points for singles and couples with scriptures
Getting a good spouse is a function of prayer. Making our marriage stronger takes intentionality, and prayer.

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