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151 Stop boasting!
So you see that Peter is always full of outbursts. The last boast was so much that Jesus responded with a prophetic insight and a word of caution-for him which unfortunately he did not learn from.
152 Are you working?
Recently I watched a video clip of religious economy nations (Africa) versus knowledge economy nations (Asia, Israel). Literarily saying we have some generation of people who will rather spend all their time asking God for miracles rather than using their...
153 Become a Change Agent
God is calling you to become a change agent -Noah of this generation will you obey. For everyone God calls he has a substitute in waiting, remember King Saul! God is calling you to be an influencer.
154 My Month of Dominion
Even when you have met some conditions and you now have dominion in a particular area does not mean you will have dominion in other areas. God gives us all opportunities, we choose the areas we want to take the opportunities, you choose the area you want...
155 Fake or Genuine Christianity?
That we have a generation that does not fear him and their version of Christianity follows their own desired way not the biblical pattern. This is why there is stunted growth among church goers and lack of expansion of the kingdom among unbelievers.
156 10 Blessings of wisdom
What the Holy Spirit is saying today is that you need to seek for wisdom. It will surely change the trajectory of your life. Fools despise wisdom! Let me share with you 10 blessings of wisdom as an impetus and motivation to seek wisdom for the rest of your...
157 Kill and Eat
Before you condemn Peter, what the Holy Holy Spirit is asking you this morning is what is God telling you to do but tainted by religion, you’re saying “I cannot” despite your claim to be born again, blood bought, church attending, Holy Spirit filled,...
158 My Month of Brokenness
David defined brokenness as sacrifice: The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despise. Psalm 51:17. Solomon defined brokenness as trust: Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own...
159 What are you preaching?
Is it like the computer slogan of garbage in garbage out? How come with many emerging preachers, preaching, teaching 24/7 on these social media, pulpits and our churches moral decadence, crime, hatred, corruption; in summary sin, seems to be increasing?
160 Pay your taxes
It is so easy to complain that Africa has not developed. How can there be development when citizens don't pay their taxes and taxes paid are embezzled?

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