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151 The Power of Service - Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Wonder why things are not working for you generally, you have not understood the power of service. If you are not serving you are a liability. Service opens doors. Service attracts favours.Service gives inner satisfaction. Service magnetizes. Service...
152 Avoid sexual immorality - Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Listen to me my friend, God is not just a God of purpose He is the God of order. In his purposeful agenda, He made male and female. He wired into their nature sexual components that will make sex within them easy and be able to achieve the three major...
153 My Month of Redemption - Nigeriaworld Feature Article
The pain in my heart and reason for this article is that humanity keeps abusing the purpose of redemption. Those who have been redeemed behave as if they are not. They waste the pains of Jesus on Calvary when they fail to appropriate redemption. But the...
154 My Month of Restoration - Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Let us look at the three classical steps of restoration of the people of Israel. To be more specific the people of Southern Kingdom as they were called, the tribes of Judah and Benjamin, the loyal remnant of Davidic dynasty as narrated by Joel. Joel makes...
155 Repairing Nigeria falling altars - Nigeriaworld Feature Article
But for every generation God raises nation builder and altar repairers. For Nigeria to become a better society and the nation we all dream of, the falling altar must be repaired. You may want to pose questions at me such as; don't we have enough churches...
156 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - My Month of Living for Jesus
As Jesus is going about doing good this month, your house will not be passed over it shall be visited. Your business shall be visited but more than anything your spirit shall be visited. A new sense of urgency and fervency to love the Lord will come over...
157 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - My Month of Developing Myself
The moral is that running from your fears and not facing them can often lead you into real danger and worse outcomes. In day-to-day life, the lions lying in wait may not be life threatening, but they are often false fears. You must not fear to develop...
158 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - My Month of Open Heavens: Attitude - Gateway to our Open Heavens
It is a very powerful force that many people do not pay attention to and it destroys very quickly. It has to do primarily with the way people react to situations. Attitude goes a long way to show the quality of a person. If your attitude is positive, you...
159 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - My Month of Maintaining The Anointing
I want to make a personal contribution to the issue of 'The Manipulated New Education Curriculum'. It is sad that Government functionaries forget that the positions they hold are temporary.
160 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - My Month of Blessing and being a blessing
So we prevail by the blessings, not by strength, skill, power or by might. The level of the blessings at work in your life determines how distinguished your journey on earth will become. The blessing of the Lord is what enriches and add no sorrow to it...

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