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141 How to have Joy
They (joyful people) do not compromise with evil, and they walk only in his paths. Powerful. Joy is different from happiness.
142 Spiritual Therapy
I read that someone in Kenya had attended a church for about ten years, relocated to another country for about another ten years and wrote back to the pastor in Kenya to refund the tithes and offerings he had donated to the church!
143 My Month of Upgrade
The major area of upgrade needed which is usually ignored is spiritual upgrade. ... God is saying your spiritual well-being will determine your health and level of prosperity. It means if you sincerely want prosperity you need a spiritual upgrade.
144 I see a new Nigeria!
What you see is what you will possess. See a better economy. A better police force, a better army. See a better legislative house, judiciary and a responsive executive that will no more waste the future leaders of Nigeria.
145 How to milk the cow of life
The Holy Spirit will want you to go beyond finding a caption for a picture to learning critical lessons from real life situations. Are you living your life fighting everyone for everything at every place? Are you that person that cannot take nonsense from...
146 Take care of your weakest link
What the Holy Spirt want you to do today is to find the weakest link in your life and manage it before it destroys you. The weakest link is a destiny destroyer. A life terminator.
147 My Month of Care
We cherish caring for ourselves, particularly our body, ladies pay special attention to their faces (you can confirm that by the frequency of the usage of their mirrors) sometime we care for our soul, and at times we take time to care for others and our...
148 Prepare for life after death!
What the Holy Spirit taught me this morning is that you should not let your faith be in vain. That your faith will be in vain if it is only to access mundane, materialistic and terrestrial things and itís not used as a currency to access eternal values.
149 Fighting corruption in Nigeria & Africa
To deal with corruption, one must address the supply side (the payers of the bribes) and the demand side (the bribe takers). Legislations like 'the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act' in Canada, modelled after 'The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act' in...
150 My Month of Salvation
Most times we are crying to God for salvation whenever we are in danger or bondage and he responds because of his loving kindness but you will agree with me there is a spiritual salvation which we sometimes ignore or take for granted because we love this...

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